Jiang Feng picked up his phone and scrolled through Shi Qian’s Moments.

“Young Master Fu, look at Young Madam’s Moments! Dr.
Bai said that Young Madam was so cute when she was young! As expected! Look!” Jiang Feng raised his phone in front of Fu Sinian.

A few months ago, on Shi Qian’s birthday, she posted a photo of herself when she was three.

“Take it away!” Fu Sinian shouted coldly.

Jiang Feng immediately took the phone away.

So be it.
He would see it for himself!

“Look at what time it is now! Since there’s such a long delay, your salary for this month will be deducted!” Fu Sinian said coldly.

Jiang Feng was confused.

It was really like accompanying a tiger!

Most importantly, he was delayed because he had beaten up that scumbag who had harassed Young Madam! How could he be blamed for this!

Young Master Fu was really unreasonable.

Jiang Feng immediately started the car.

The atmosphere in the car was very oppressive on the way back to the company.

Back in his office, Fu Sinian glanced at his phone.


Nothing had happened yet!

“Tell that streamer to lower the price of each audio clip by 500 yuan!” Fu Sinian said coldly.

“Yes.” Jiang Feng immediately nodded.

Young Master Fu was furious.
That was a case of fire burning the plains.
He was best at implicating the innocent.

Forget him.
That streamer was unlucky enough.

Was this considered getting shot for nothing?

However, from the looks of it, Young Master Fu did not seem to have such feelings for that streamer.

Sigh! He did not cherish such a good girl like Young Madam.

Young Master Fu was a little ungrateful!

After Shi Qian returned, she spoke to the old master for a while before returning to her room to busy herself.

In a day, her account had gained more than 100,000 fans.

Moreover, the clip was still trending.

This joke came from Green Tea Lady, who had always been popular on the Internet.
Originally, her profile was not usually seen by others.
After being shared by MS Bao’er and her dubbing, the Green Tea Lady directly became a high-level fishing goddess!


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