Besides, there wasn’t even a nickname.

Was the name a space?

It was impossible to tell if it was a man or a woman.

Had this person never posted anything on his Moments, or had he blocked her Moments access?

[Beached Whale]: Hello.
In the future, I’ll send you all the audio clips I recorded, right?

[]: Yes.]

[Beached Whale]: What did you buy my recordings for?

Fu Sinian looked at the question and couldn’t think of an answer for a moment.

Finally, he typed something.

[]: It’s used to treat sleep disorders.

So that was the purpose.

But was there any scientific basis for it?

This didn’t seem to be a problem she should worry about.
It was fine as long as the sugar daddy felt that it was useful!

[Beached Whale]: Can you tell me why you adjusted the price? If I recorded them badly, I can adjust it according to your request until you’re satisfied.

Shi Qian wanted to fight for it.
After all, it was 500 yuan.

She still wanted to earn a little more.

[]: You’re still not satisfied with the price of five hundred? The price was high previously, so I adjusted it.
I think a hundred yuan is a reasonable price.

[Beached Whale]: If it’s 100 yuan, you should find someone else.

Fu Sinian choked.

[]: 500 yuan per post.
Don’t record press releases.
I want content that will coax people to sleep.

[Beached Whale]: Is six hundred per audio clip okay?

Fu Sinian couldn’t help but smile.

This woman! She was still bargaining with him?

[]: Five hundred.

[Beached Whale]: 550!

After this message was sent, she waited for a full five minutes but there was no reply.

Shi Qian sighed.
It seemed that the price could not be debated.

So be it.
She was earning some money at least!

This person was too stingy!

[Beached Whale]: 500 it is.
Are there any other requirements? For example, should my pitch be higher?

[]: Charm]

[]: If there’s anything else you want, I’ll tell you in advance.

[]Beached Whale]: If there are special requirements, such as designated lines, you have to pay more!

Fu Sinian was speechless.

[]: Okay.

[Beached Whale]: {Shake Hands}

Fu Sinian frowned at the picture of the handshake.

Didn’t Bai Jianshen say that she had many emojis?

Not only had she not added a nickname, but there was nothing on her Moments.
She didn’t even send an emoji.

Fu Sinian’s heart was stuffy again!

After Shi Qian replied, she immediately accepted all her friends.

It was almost eight o’clock when she finished processing all the information.

She pulled out her recording device and began recording.

Fortunately, she had done a few months of live broadcasting.
Previously, she had written tens of thousands of words to coax someone to sleep.

It was still possible to record ten recordings in one night.

As soon as she finished recording them, she sent them.

Fu Sinian was in a meeting when his phone beeped.

The entire conference room fell silent!

In Fu Sinian’s meetings, their phones had to be silent.
If anyone’s phone rang, it would be over!

Some people couldn’t help but glance at their phones.

Had they forgotten to turn off the sound?

In the end, everyone realized that it was President Fu’s phone ringing.

Fu Sinian put down his pen and picked up his phone.

This action made everyone’s jaws drop!

Did President Fu slack off during the meeting?

How important was the message on the phone? It actually made President Fu pick up his phone during the meeting!

[Beached Whale]: I just sent ten audio messages.
In the past, payment was settled immediately.
Will it be the same?

Was she afraid that he would run away?

She wanted money so urgently.

It seemed that she did not want to stop recording after taking the three million yuan.

Fu Sinian’s lips curled involuntarily.

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