Everyone in the conference room was collectively shocked again.

Among the people present, some had watched Fu Sinian grow up, and some had been in the company for more than ten years, five years, three years, and a few months.

In their impression, they had never seen President Fu smile!

They were actually lucky enough to see President Fu smile today!

Even if that smile was like a flash in the pan, they had seen it for themselves!

Fu Sinian texted back.

[]: Wait a moment.

Then, he transferred five thousand yuan over.

[Beached Whale]: Roger that.
{Thank you, Boss emoji.}

He finally saw an emoticon.

However, why was the style so different?

Why did she use this emoji??

Shi Qian accepted the money and immediately busied herself with something else.

Many people who had added her on WeChat also sent messages.
They were basically dubbing jobs.

Shi Qian made notes on the computer one by one.

Even if she wanted to make money, she couldn’t take on all the missions.
After all, time was limited.
Besides, she was a human being, not a machine.

Therefore, she tried to choose some that would train her and help her development in the future.

Moreover, in order to increase her fans smoothly, she had to film some videos and post them.

This was the best way to make use of her popularity this time.

… .

At the hospital.

Qin Hao had just finished treating the injuries on his face.

After the beating, he couldn’t afford to lose face, so he didn’t make a scene.

His face was bandaged.
One side of his face was so swollen that he couldn’t open his eyes.

The examination showed damage to the tibia complex.


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