At that moment, she wanted to crawl into a hole.

“Shi Qian, aren’t you going too far!” a voice suddenly said.

Shi Qian looked toward the source of the sound.
Sun Feifei walked out.

“Sun Feifei!”

“It’s Sun Feifei!”

Many people took out their phones and quickly took a few photos.

“You’re beautiful, but can you hurt your classmates like this?” Sun Feifei asked Shi Qian.

“I don’t know those people just now.
Their actions have nothing to do with me,” Shi Qian replied coldly.

“Shi Qian, you don’t know them but they have the time to save seats for you? They all helped you clear the scene at the toilet! Everyone saw the scene just now with their own eyes.
Do you feel very accomplished being surrounded?”

As soon as Sun Feifei spoke, she made a decision for Shi Qian.

Besides, there was no harm in trying to frame someone.

Shi Qian did not want to say anything more.
She cleared the plates and left.

“Shi Qian! That classmate just suffered a lot of psychological damage because of you.
Shouldn’t you apologize to her?”

Sun Feifei was referring to the girl who had just sat near Shi Qian and was chased away.

“I told you, there are a few people I don’t know,” Shi Qian emphasized again.
She walked toward the girl anyway.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized to the girl anyway.

“It’s okay,” the girl replied.

Shi Qian turned to leave with the plate.

When she reached Sun Feifei, Sun Feifei suddenly reached out to pull her back.

She felt her wrist tighten as Sun Feifei grabbed her tightly and pulled her toward the ground.

She was also pulled by Sun Feifei’s strength and fell!

The moment she fell, Sun Feifei deliberately tilted her head to the side and her forehead hit the leg of the dining table.


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