As if afraid that Teacher Ouyang would not believe her, Sun Feifei took the initiative to say, “Teacher Ouyang, you can check the surveillance cameras in the dining hall and see if Shi Qian pushed me!”

Wasn’t Sun Feifei a crying thief?

She even dared to ask Teacher Ouyang to check the surveillance cameras!

“Alright, I’ll get the canteen to pull out the surveillance cameras.” Teacher Ouyang looked at Shi Qian.
“What exactly happened today?”

Shi Qian understood that Teacher Ouyang was asking about those people pestering her.

“I don’t know them.
They suddenly appeared and pestered me.
Teacher Ouyang, I recorded their faces.
Can you check which department they are from?”

“Send me the video.”


Sun Feifei was furious at the sight.

Why did Teacher Ouyang like Shi Qian so much?

She shot a look at the person beside her.

That person immediately stood up and walked towards Teacher Ouyang.

“Teacher Ouyang, I’m Feifei’s manager.
What happened today has caused Feifei a lot of losses! She has an interview tomorrow, and she’s about to enter the production team for filming.
With her head hit like this, it will definitely affect her work.
We will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility.”

“It’s not too late to make a conclusion after seeing the surveillance cameras,” Teacher Ouyang replied calmly.

Ten minutes later, someone from the school’s security department called.

“Teacher Ouyang, I’m really sorry.
There’s a problem with the surveillance system in the dining hall today.
The surveillance cameras were all turned off this morning.”

“How did this happen?” Teacher Ouyang frowned.

“I’m so sorry.
We’re in the middle of an overhaul.
We’ll definitely be back on track this afternoon.”

“Teacher Ouyang, it’s really too much of a coincidence.
However, if the surveillance cameras didn’t capture it, there were many students present.
Many students must have seen the situation at that time,” the manager said again.

“Are you guys preparing to report a case?” Teacher Ouyang asked in a low voice.
Without waiting for her manager to speak, she walked towards Sun Feifei.

“Sun Feifei, you and Shi Qian are classmates.
There’s no need to blow this matter up.”

“Teacher Ouyang, as you can see, Feifei is the one who is injured now.
Her head has been hit so badly that it will seriously affect her image when she appears on camera.
Someone has to take responsibility for this matter.”

“Forget it!” Sun Feifei suddenly said.
“I think Shi Qian definitely didn’t do it on purpose.
Teacher Ouyang is right.
Shi Qian and I are classmates.
Don’t hurt the harmony between classmates because of this matter.
Besides, I have to give Teacher Ouyang face.”

“But she has to apologize to me.” Sun Feifei looked at Shi Qian with the air of a victor.

“I didn’t push you.
Why should I apologize to you? Sun Feifei, if you want to pursue legal responsibility, go ahead,” Shi Qian replied coldly.

“Shi Qian, I’m giving Teacher Ouyang face!”

Shi Qian wanted to speak, but Teacher Ouyang pulled her forward.

“Shi Qian, no matter what, apologize to Sun Feifei and she won’t pursue the matter anymore.”

Shi Qian did not want to make things difficult for Teacher Ouyang.

The surveillance cameras were broken, and she had no way of proving her innocence.

Teacher Ouyang was also on her side and did not want to blow things up.

“I’m sorry,” Shi Qian said to Sun Feifei.

“Shi Qian, I know you’re very upset that you didn’t participate in the Heavenly Feast.
After I took your place and participated, my popularity soared.
You don’t like me but I really want to be friends with you!”

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