Not only had all the bedding been changed to red, but even the curtains had been changed to red!

Inside, there were also balloons and colored lights, like the dream-filled marital homes she’d seen online.

On the head of the bed, there was a congratulatory sign!

It was gaudy.

On a side table, there were also fruits, peanuts, red dates, and so on.
There were also two bottles of wine and two amphorae.

It looked like a full ritual!

Red definitely looked festive.
Even though she was physically and mentally exhausted, she felt her spirits being lifted.

There was a knock on the door.

“Please come in,” Shi Qian whispered.

“Young Madam, Madam asked us to decorate the room before she left.
Tonight is also you and Young Master’s wedding night.
Do you need anything else?” Nanny Xu asked politely.

“There’s nothing more I need.” Shi Qian shook his head.

“There are clothes and shoes in the closet for Young Madam.
The daily necessities in the bathroom are all arranged.
If Young Madam needs anything else, feel free to tell us.”

“Sure thing.”

“Young Madam, have you had dinner? If not, do you need me to prepare it?”

“No, thank you.”

“Then I’ll take my leave.
Rest early, young madam.”

The moment the door closed, Shi Qian let out a shallow sigh of relief.

She turned and opened the closet for a look.

The interior was lined with clothes.
They were obviously expensive.

There were three sets of pajamas alone, and one of them was bright red.
The lace-and-silk patchwork style was sexy as hell.

She couldn’t help but look over at the man lying on the bed.

He was also wearing a red nightgown with the word “Happiness” embroidered on the sleeve.
It matched her bright red outfit, which was obviously a couple’s set.

Fu Sinian’s red clothes made him look less pale.

In the room, there was a man who did not move, did not react, and could only breathe.
Shi Qian did not feel as uncomfortable as she had imagined.

Perhaps she was the one who had accepted this from the bottom of her heart.

She accepted Fu Sinian.

After all, it was fortunate that the Fu family appeared.

Her mother was the one who could have the best arrangement.

Shi Qian took out the red nightgown and headed for the bathroom.

She took a hot shower and put on the nightgown.

Her bright red pajamas made her skin look as white and smooth as milk.

The style of the nightgown showed off her shoulders perfectly.

Her chest was too full, making the clothes look a little out of place.

However, her waist seemed slightly looser.

The hem of the dress was slit, and her slender legs were faintly discernible as she walked.

She was like a rose blooming in the night.

It was the most enticing style.

She was like a flower that men not only wanted to pluck, but also to crush and steal her sweetest nectar.

Shi Qian fiddled with her half-dried hair and walked barefoot to the sofa.

She hadn’t eaten much after a busy day.
She wasn’t hungry, but after a shower, she suddenly felt hungry.

She took a red date and popped it into her mouth.

She was prepared to fill his stomach like this.

Usually, she was used to having irregular meals.

After eating some, she stared at the bottle of wine in a daze.

In a daze, she opened the bottle, poured two glasses, picked them up, and walked in Fu Sinian’s direction.

She pulled up a stool and sat beside Fu Sinian’s bed.

She leaned forward slightly.

A lock of dark hair slid down her shoulder.

It happened to fall onto her cleavage.

Black on white was the most seductive entanglement.

“Fu Sinian, let’s get to know each other.
My name is Shi Qian.
I’m your new wife.
Today is our wedding day.
Let me toast you.”

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