Shi Qian found it strange.

Why did Sun Feifei’s words sound strange?

Why was “Heavenly Feast” suddenly involved?

“Feifei, are you really not going to hold her responsible?” the agent asked again.

“I won’t pursue it.” Sun Feifei nodded.

“Then let’s go back.
We have to prepare for the interview tomorrow.”

“Teacher Ouyang, I’ll go back first.”

“Sun Feifei, you’re still a student after all.
You still have to focus on your studies.
It’s almost the end of the semester.
Take some time to revise,” Teacher Ouyang reminded her.

“I will.
Thank you for reminding me, Teacher Ouyang.”

As soon as Sun Feifei left, Shi Qian explained to Teacher Ouyang.

“Teacher Ouyang, I really didn’t push her.”

“It would be easier if you could produce evidence, but there’s no surveillance data from the cafeteria now.
Do you think you can find witnesses? With so many classmates, their testimonies had no value as long as they didn’t agree.”

Shi Qian understood.

She said nothing more.

“Shi Qian, let’s let this matter go.” Teacher Ouyang patted Shi Qian’s shoulder.

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I’ll investigate those people.
If I find out they’re from our school, I’ll warn them.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang.” Shi Qian thanked him sincerely.

“Calm down.
When there’s news from Director Zheng, we’ll enter the recording studio.”

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

After walking out of Teacher Ouyang’s office, Shi Qian was still trying to figure out this matter.

Sun Feifei had clearly faked her fall and falsely accused her.

How could she dare to take the initiative to retrieve the surveillance cameras?


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