Someone even specially wrote a small essay.

[The reason for Shi Qian’s conflict with Sun Feifei started with the popular “Heavenly Feast” a few months ago.
Originally, the production team decided on Shi Qian, but Shi Qian took the initiative to give up this opportunity.
The production team looked for Sun Feifei.
Unexpectedly, once this show was broadcasted, it became very popular.
Sun Feifei also gained countless fans in this show and became popular.
According to insiders, Shi Qian is suspected to be jealous and goes against Sun Feifei everywhere.
Their conflict is not just this once.]

After reading this essay, Sun Feifei’s fans were even angrier.

They wished they could tear Shi Qian apart!

Shi Qian’s photo was also posted online.

Someone immediately realized that the clothes Shi Qian was wearing were expensive.
Moreover, they were the latest season.
Many celebrities had to line up if they wanted to own them!

[No wonder Shi Qian is so arrogant! So there’s someone behind her!]

[The truth has been exposed.]

[Find out who’s behind Shi Qian! We can’t let her be so arrogant!]

[Feifei is seriously injured and this might affect her filming.
Doesn’t Shi Qian need to be legally responsible?]

[Shi Qian will die a horrible death!]

[Boycott Shi Qian!]

Before Shi Qian knew it, a cyber riot was sweeping over!

She packed her bag and prepared to leave school.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was a call from an unknown number.

She answered.

“Shi Qian, aren’t you afraid of retribution if you’re so vicious? You’ll die a horrible death!”

“Who are you?” Shi Qian asked, suppressing her anger.

The other party had already hung up.

Shi Qian was confused.
Before she could recover, another call came in.

It was still an unknown number.

She hesitated before answering.

“It went through! Can this call really be connected? Are you Shi Qian?”

“I’m Shi Qian.” Shi Qian nodded.

“You ****! Why are you so jealous? You—”

Shi Qian hung up.

Why would anyone call her phone and say something like that?

She took a deep breath to calm herself.

Her phone rang again.

She refused to answer.

She had just hung up when the person called again!

Looking at the unfamiliar calls, Shi Qian still had no clue.
However, she had already realized that someone had done this maliciously!

She set up a refusal to answer all unfamiliar calls on her phone.

Suddenly, her phone rang again.

She looked down and saw that it was her roommate, Qiu Jie.

She answered.

“Qian Qian, where are you now? Are you still in school?” Qiu Jie asked anxiously.

“I’m here.”

“Did you have a conflict with Sun Feifei today?”

“How do you know about this?”

“This matter has become a trending topic! Didn’t you look at your phone? Sun Feifei’s fans are scolding you! The photo of you and her in the dining hall was also posted online! I just realized it and immediately called you to confirm it.”

Shi Qian finally understood.

She felt that it was impossible for Sun Feifei to just want to hear her apologize!

“I didn’t push her,” Shi Qian replied.

“Of course I believe you won’t push her.
That woman is full of tricks and schemes! Hurry up and get the surveillance footage from Teacher Ouyang.
Don’t let Sun Feifei continue to lead the conversation.”

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