[This streamer probably filmed Shi Qian without her permission, right? If nothing else, this behavior is wrong.]

In a short period of time, dozens of comments flashed past.

Shi Qian raised her hand and waved at everyone.
“Hello, everyone.”

[She greeted me!]

[With her looks, she can surpass Sun Feifei by a few streets!]

[This little miss’s voice is so nice too!]

The comments on the screen scrolled down one by one.
Someone even started sending gifts!

Shi Qian looked at the screen full of gifts and was speechless.

When she did a live broadcast back then, she had carefully prepared her lines and adjusted her tone.
In a few hours, there were very few people who sent her little hearts.

It had only been a short while, but the gifts were already flying!

This money was earned by others for nothing!

“Today, I’ll use this student’s live-stream to explain to everyone that I didn’t push Sun Feifei.
The information circulating on the Internet is untrue.
Sun Feifei can use legal means to defend her personal safety at any time, instead of making this matter public online and fermenting into an Internet riot.
If I’m guilty, there will be laws to punish me, instead of using Internet violence!”

“In addition, I couldn’t participate in the Heavenly Feast because of my own reasons.
Sun Feifei also relied on her own strength to obtain the opportunity.
There’s no such thing as her replacing me.
Even if she’s not popular, someone else will be.
It’s because I’m not popular that I’m not popular.
It has nothing to do with me if others are popular.
Not to mention, I’m not jealous of Sun Feifei.
Just based on how I’m standing here today.
Everyone can rely on their own thoughts.
Why do I have to be jealous of Sun Feifei?”

“Am I not as good-looking as her? Or am I not as strong as her? If everyone is interested and has time, you’re welcome to understand me more.”

[F*ck! That sounds a little domineering!]

[I’m sure you’ll be more popular than her!]

[Who is Sun Feifei? I don’t know her.
I’ll remember Shi Qian! I’m a fan!]

[That’s right! Outstanding!]

The comments flashed one by one, and the gifts began to fly again.

“In an era where the Internet is so developed that everyone can become the media, everyone can raise a phone to film and spread false information without knowing that what they’re holding might not be a phone but a butcher’s knife.
It hurts people maliciously, but they’re not legally responsible.
I’m experiencing cyberbullying now.
Please let me appeal to everyone.”

Shi Qian paused deliberately and crossed her arms, her face serious.

“Promote positivity on the Internet, resist bad information.
Make the Internet a pure land for the soul.
The Internet displays the true nature of civilization, the essence of culture, and connects people to the elites of the world.
When you understand business, you know what I mean!”

[Oh my, Miss is so cute! She looks so righteous.
I really want to tie a red scarf around her!]

[Everyone, remember that Shi Qian is experiencing cyberbullying, but she’s standing in front of the camera so bravely.
How strong is her mental fortitude? How can I not love such a young lady!]

[She’s suffering from cyberbullying! She can still smile and call for no cyberbullying.]

[People who have been in the rain always think that they can hold an umbrella for others.]

Shi Qian took a look and saw that there were more than 30,000 people in the live-stream.

“Thank you so much for listening to me.
I’ll leave now.
Bye.” Shi Qian said goodbye to the people in the live broadcast room politely.

[Don’t go, Miss!]

[Don’t go, Miss!]

[Swipe up, don’t go!]

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