[Have you forgotten that this phone isn’t Shi Qian’s! It’s very likely that he’s also a cyberbully!]

[If you hadn’t reminded me, I would have forgotten about this!]

[I really want to slap myself! I was just crazily sending gifts!]

[I apologize for Shi Qian’s account.]

Before anyone could react, Shi Qian turned and walked forward.

This time, no one stepped forward to stop her.

In fact, they were deeply touched by what she had just said.

Looking at Shi Qian’s back, he suddenly felt the strength and tenacity erupting from this girl’s seemingly weak body.

Outside the school gate, Fu Sinian glanced at his watch.

It was ten minutes past the time he and Shi Qian had agreed on.

Shi Qian had not come out yet.

“Send her a message and ask her why she’s not out yet.” Fu Sinian was getting impatient.

Two hours a day were wasted on Shi Qian.
Besides, he had to squeeze so much time out of his busy work.

Jiang Feng was about to send a message when he saw Shi Qian leave the school gate.

“Young Master Fu, Young Madam is out.”

As soon as Shi Qian reached the school gate, she was stopped.

“Shi Qian!”

She turned and saw a boy in a white T-shirt.

The boy was wearing light blue jeans, white sneakers, and a black gym bag.

He was holding a basketball in his arms.
From the looks of it, he was preparing to play basketball.

“Senior,” Shi Qian immediately called.

The person who stopped her was Liu Yiming, a senior.

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