Chapter 175: Green to the Point of Panic

Fu Sinian was alone in the elevator, his gaze fixed on the billboard.

It was pure green with a drop of water.
There was a small patch of emerald grass in the drop.

It was really green!

The elevator stopped.
He started the wheelchair and got out.

Secretary Chen Song immediately came forward.

“President Fu, all the documents needed for the meeting are ready.”

“Remove all the advertisements in the elevator!” Fu Sinian ordered coldly.

“Advertisements?” Chen Song did not react for a moment.

Fu Sinian was already heading straight for the conference room.

Chen Song was still in a daze.

Why would President Fu worry about such a small matter? It was simply unbelievable!

… .

After Shi Qian returned, the old master prepared a lot of delicious food.

After dinner, she took a walk with the old master.
It was only about seven.

“Grandpa, I can’t stay with you.
I have to get busy,” Shi Qian said.

“Go, go.
Don’t be too tired.
You have to strike a balance between work and rest,” the old master instructed softly.

“Yes!” Shi Qian immediately stood up straight and replied seriously.

The gesture amused the old master.

“Why is Qian Qian so likable?” The old master sighed heavily.

“Well, I wonder if Sinian can keep Qian Qian.”

Shi Qian returned to her room and immediately opened the video on her phone.

The total length of the video was only forty-six seconds.

The camera happened to be facing Sun Feifei and her.

At the twelfth second, Sun Feifei suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand.
Then, she pretended to fall!

Shi Qian pressed pause.
This video was the strongest evidence!

However, she did not want to announce it so quickly.

After Sun Feifei created such a big show, she definitely had more tricks up her sleeve!

After making a few copies of the video, Shi Qian sent Liu Yiming a message.

[Senior, I just had time to watch the video.
Thank you very much for sending me this video.]

Soon, Liu Yiming replied.

[You’re welcome.
It just so happens that a video was taken.
I would have done the same thing if it had been anyone else.]

In the boys’ dormitory.

A few boys heard Liu Yiming’s WeChat ring.

One by one, they craned their necks.

“Liu Yiming, do you have a love interest?”

“Tell me, why were you asking around today about who was in the dining hall and why do you care about Sun Feifei and Shi Qian?”

“Lame!” Liu Yiming turned off his phone and went to the bathroom to get some clothes.

The boys in the dormitory immediately gathered.

“Guess who Liu Yiming did this for?”

“I don’t think it’s for Sun Feifei.
It’s probably because of Shi Qian.”

“I think so too!”


It was rare for the three roommates in the dormitory to agree.

“Did you find out anything else?”

“That’s unknown.”

“She’s in her fourth year.
Perhaps one of us in our dormitory is finally not going to be single!”

… .

Sun Feifei was enjoying a facial treatment in the company’s rented apartment.

Tomorrow, in addition to an interview, she would be given a chance to attend an event with the directors and creators of the new film.

Therefore, she had to appear in her best condition.

What a life!

She was only a little famous now.
What would happen if she became an A-list celebrity one day and was very popular?

The agent was on his phone while flipping through the webpages.

“Feifei, the wind seems to have changed on the Internet.”

“What’s changed?” Sun Feifei asked lazily.

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