Chapter 177: Darling, I Love You

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The agent was completely speechless.
It seemed that Sun Feifei could not listen to a word he said.

He tossed out a phone number.
“Why don’t you contact this person?”
“Thank you.” Sun Feifei quickly took the phone number.
… .

Shi Qian finished recording and sent it.
Fu Sinian was already on his way back when he heard his phone ring.
He picked it up and glanced at it.
She sent him ten messages a day for ten minutes per voice message.
It would take nearly two hours to record this alone.

Wasn’t she tired after a day of school?
He had given her three million.
Wasn’t that enough?
She was still working so hard to earn money.

Shi Qian took a long sip from her bottle, then cleared his throat.
Her phone suddenly rang.
Little Yellow Flower sent a message.
[Qian Dear! You’re going to be popular, you’re going to be popular! You have more than three million fans!]

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