She picked up her glass and drank it.

Then, she looked at the other cup in her hand.
Her blank look was pretty and cute.

“How could I forget that you can’t drink? I’ll drink this one for you, too.”

With that, she downed the other glass.

“This wine is pretty good.” She smacked her lips.

The bright red wine seemed to have plated her lips with a crystal membrane, making them look crystal clear.

Her alcohol tolerance was extremely low, and she usually did not dare to drink.

But, tonight, she feared nothing.

She could drink as much as she wanted.

She poured herself another glass.
This time it was almost a full one.
It went down her throat like water.

After this drink, she felt light-headed.

It felt so good.

She cocked her head and looked at Fu Sinian.

“Fu Sinian, if you wake up, you definitely won’t be able to accept such an arrangement, right? Yesterday, we were still strangers.
Today, we’re legally married.
Actually, I feel like I’m dreaming too.”

“If you can wake up, we’ll definitely get a divorce.
If you can really wake up, I’m willing to exchange ten years of my life!”

Shi Qian finished speaking and moved closer to him.

The girl’s warm little face was pressed against Fu Sinian’s chest.

Shi Qian listened to his heartbeat.

Once, twice.
The rhythm was powerful.

She suddenly realized that such a sound gave her an odd sense of reassurance.

After a long moment, she looked up.

“Fu Sinian, your skin is so good.
It’s like delicate and flawless porcelain.” Shi Qian couldn’t help but sigh.

Unable to resist, she reached out and touched his cheek.

It felt good.

The girl’s warm breath touched his cheek with a hint of alcohol and an indescribable sweetness.

If it were a normal person, he would probably be on fire.

“How can your eyelashes be so long? They seem fake.
Some women don’t even wear fake eyelashes as long and thick as yours.”


With that, she couldn’t resist touching him again.

Now she was inches from him.

Their breaths, one light and one heavy, were tangled together.

Shi Qian was too busy studying his eyelashes to notice that she was half on top of him.

This bunny was almost out of breath from the pressure of his chest.

She playfully tugged at his eyelashes again.
After making sure they were all real, Shi Qian slowly got up.

Unexpectedly, after holding on for too long, her arm suddenly went numb and she fell into Fu Sinian’s arms.

Coincidentally, her lips met Fu Sinian’s!

Her lips stung, and she immediately scrambled to her feet.

Then she looked at Fu Sinian.
His lips were also bruised.
They were worse than hers.

They looked red and swollen.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to!” Shi Qian apologized frantically.

The person in the bed didn’t react at all.

Shi Qian breathed a silent sigh of relief.
Fortunately, he was a vegetable who couldn’t move or feel anything.

She rubbed her stinging lips as a thought struck her.

Would he feel pain?

Involuntarily, she leaned closer and studied his swollen lower lip.

“Shall I blow on it for you? It will stop hurting.”

With that, Shi Qian blew gently.

The wine-scented breath landed on his lips, richer and stronger than the wine.

After a while, she stroked his forehead as if he were a child.

“It’ll be fine.
Is the pain gone?”

Her eyes were glazed now.

She was drunk and unaware of it.

Her eyes glanced at his body.

They had inadvertently landed somewhere.

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