Chapter 183: The Cold Water in the Morning Was a Little Too Much!

She would never touch cold water in her life!

After washing up, Shi Qian went to the closet to choose what to wear today.

She hesitated at the sight of the expensive clothes.

She remembered the comments online about her hooking up with a rich man.

These clothes were indeed too eye-catching.
Although she didn’t know them, many people would recognize them at a glance.

She put the clothes back and looked for her old clothes.

Fu Sinian watched her rummaging around and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m looking for my old clothes.”

“Do these clothes not fit?”

“I’m afraid people will recognize them.
Yesterday, they recognized what I was wearing.
They said I’m with a rich guy now.”

Fu Sinian couldn’t help but smile.

Shi Qian turned at the sound of his laughter.

Her gaze was fixed on Fu Sinian.

So he looked so good when he smiled!

He was a different person!

His cold aura dissipated a little.
He looked a little warm.

When she first met him, he was still unconscious.
She couldn’t help but wonder what he would be like when he woke up.

Fu Sinian clenched his fists to hide his smile.

Shi Qian came back to her senses.

Her heart started to race because of that scene!

This smile was really beautiful and ruthless!

“Do you really care about what people think?” Fu Sinian’s voice sounded again.
“If you can’t even be free to dress, how can you still want to control your life?”

Shi Qian immediately thought that made sense.

She stood up and chose a white outfit from the closet.

She had seen this set on the Internet before.
At that time, she thought it was beautiful!

It was also her style.

She went to change and came out.

Fu Sinian looked up at her.

“Is it nice?” Shi Qian asked without thinking.

Women all loved beauty.
Besides, she was wearing a set of clothes that she liked.
Fu Sinian was alone in the room.

Without thinking, she asked him.

After asking, she felt awkward.

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied with a nod.

“Thank you.” Shi Qian was secretly relieved.

“I’m talking about the clothes.”

“Me too.
Thank you for praising my clothes.”

They stared at each other for a few seconds.

The atmosphere in the room seemed to have changed somehow.

Shi Qian looked away.
“I’ll go to the study and pack my things.” She hurried up and out.

Fu Sinian left the room in his wheelchair.

The old master was already sitting in the dining room.
He first saw Shi Qian leave the room and went into the study.

Sinian came out immediately after.

He was acutely aware that the atmosphere between the two had changed.

Like fermented wine, it would grow richer and stronger.

“Did you rest well last night?” the old master asked Fu Sinian.

“Very good,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

The old master smiled but said nothing.

This was good.

Later, it would be better.

Fu Sinian sent Shi Qian to school.
Shi Qian opened the car door and got out.

“Shi Qian!” Fu Sinian suddenly called out to her.

Shi Qian turned and saw a pen in his hand.

The zipper of her bag wasn’t zipped properly.
It fell out.

“Thank you.” Shi Qian took the pen and thanked him.

“Brother Jiang Feng and Young Master Fu, I’m leaving.

“Goodbye, Young Madam!” Jiang Feng hurriedly waved his hand.
He was shocked.

Young Madam had also said goodbye to Young Master Fu today!!!

Although Fu Sinian didn’t say anything, his lips curled slightly.
His gaze followed Shi Qian’s figure as she walked across the road.

Jiang Feng looked at the rearview mirror and realized that Young Master Fu’s gaze was glued to Young Madam.
He wondered if he should let go of the brakes.

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