Chapter 184: So Sour!

Fu Sinian suddenly saw a figure walking toward Shi Qian.

From the figure, it should be the man from yesterday.

Shi Qian and that person happened to be walking over from two different directions.
That scene looked like the scene when lovers met!

How could they have bumped into each other at the school gate?

Or had they arranged to come to school together?

Fu Sinian’s heart was stuffy!

He was the one who had sent her here, but he had seen this scene!

Fu Sinian’s brows furrowed.

Suddenly, the car started and Shi Qian disappeared from his sight.

Jiang Feng thought for a moment and released the brakes.

“Who told you to start it?” Fu Sinian’s voice was cold.

Jiang Feng immediately stepped on the brakes.

The car had driven dozens of yards.
There was nothing left to see.

Fu Sinian glared at Jiang Feng.
“Why did you stop?”

Jiang Feng was speechless.

It was too difficult!

He felt that Young Master Fu was becoming more and more temperamental recently!

Was he going to leave or not!

Fu Sinian leaned back in his chair, his face terrifyingly dark.

Thinking about last night and the feeling of Shi Qian in his arms, he suddenly did not want to let go.

He was startled by the thought.

That woman was already desperate to divorce him.

He looked out of the car window at the shadows of the trees on both sides of the car retreating quickly.
His mood was a little chaotic.

… .

Shi Qian met Liu Yiming at the school gate.

“Good morning, Senior,” she greeted.

“Morning.” Liu Yiming nodded in response.

“Senior, thank you for sending me that video.”

“It’s nothing.
Don’t take it personally.
How are you going to handle this?”

“I’ve been following the news.
The wind on the Internet has changed.
Those who are still scolding me are some of Sun Feifei’s fans, and some of them might be trolls.”

Liu Yiming nodded.

He was a little impressed by Shi Qian’s tolerance.
Many people might not be as calm as Shi Qian when they encounter such things.

“I want to see what other actions Sun Feifei has.
How this matter ends will depend on Sun Feifei.”

“Yes.” Liu Yiming nodded.

They walked together for a while before separating.

… .

On the Internet, Sun Feifei’s trending topic had already disappeared.
It seemed like everything had calmed down.

Suddenly, another recording was released.

“Forget it! I think Shi Qian definitely didn’t do it on purpose.
Teacher Ouyang is right.
Shi Qian and I are classmates.
I shouldn’t destroy the harmony between classmates because of this matter.
Besides, I have to give Teacher Ouyang face.”

“Still, she has to apologize to me.”

That was Sun Feifei’s voice.

“Shi Qian, no matter what, apologize to Sun Feifei and she won’t pursue the matter anymore.”

Then there were a few seconds of silence, followed by Shi Qian’s voice.

“I’m sorry.”

As soon as this recording was released, it exploded in Sun Feifei’s fan circle.

[How dare Shi Qian say that she didn’t push Feifei.
If she didn’t push, why would she apologize?]

[From this recording, it’s obvious that Feifei is letting Shi Qian off on account of her teacher!]

[Let’s see how Shi Qian can quibble now!]

[Everyone, work hard.
You must seek justice for Feifei!]

Sun Feifei was satisfied with the angry defense of the fans.

She paid another sum to have the recordings spread around.

Countless curses surged under Shi Qian’s account.

This time, the people who supported Shi Qian were also a little stunned.

Just as Sun Feifei’s fans had said, if Shi Qian did not push Sun Feifei, why did she apologize?

Many people called for Shi Qian to clarify!

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