Chapter 185: Decision

However, after an entire morning, there was still no movement from Shi Qian’s account.

This time, the netizens lost their patience.

All kinds of abuse surged!

At this moment, Shi Qian was in Teacher Ouyang’s office.

She had already listened to the recording online.
It had obviously been processed.
She also knew that Sun Feifei was involved.

“Did you listen to the recording online?” Teacher Ouyang asked Shi Qian.

“I did.” Shi Qian nodded.

Shi Qian’s reaction was too calm.
Teacher Ouyang was a little shocked.

“I’m sorry, Shi Qian.
If I hadn’t asked you to apologize to Sun Feifei back then, there wouldn’t have been this recording.
You wouldn’t have been burdened with such a misunderstanding.
You can’t even defend yourself.”

“Teacher Ouyang, it’s not your fault! Sun Feifei is often not in school.
It’s even more abnormal for her to suddenly appear in the dining hall.
I feel that this is a trap she set up.
It’s impossible to guard against it.”

Teacher Ouyang nodded.

“I just don’t understand why she would go to such lengths to target me.”

“She’s targeting you like this because of the recording of the second episode of Heavenly Feast.”

Shi Qian looked at Teacher Ouyang in confusion.

“There are still two slots left for the guests for the second episode of Heavenly Feast.
I recommended you, but the production team hasn’t finally decided yet.
Therefore, I haven’t told you about it yet.
I wanted to wait until it was finally confirmed before telling you about it.”

Shi Qian finally understood that Sun Feifei definitely did not want her to attend the Heavenly Feast.

Even if the production team wanted her to participate, they might consider her negative influence and give up.

“Teacher Ouyang, do you have a lawyer friend?” Shi Qian suddenly asked Teacher Ouyang.

“I do have a lawyer friend.
Are you trying to go through the legal process?”

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I support you! I’ll also search in private to see if there’s anyone who can be a witness.”

“Teacher Ouyang, there’s no need to trouble yourself.
I have evidence.”

“You have evidence?” Teacher Ouyang looked surprised.

“Someone just happened to capture the scene and sent me the video.”

“Then why didn’t you take it out earlier?”

“I only received it yesterday.
Originally, I didn’t want to release this video publicly.
It all depended on what Sun Feifei did next.
It was obvious that she wanted to step on me and not let go.
She wanted to step on me into the mud.”

“That makes things easier.” Teacher Ouyang heaved a sigh of relief.
She immediately took out her phone, opened the lawyer’s WeChat, and sent Shi Qian’s WeChat over.

She also made a personal call to explain the situation.

“Teacher Ouyang, I’m already completely aware of the situation.
I suggest that we speak later.
The more serious the matter is, the greater the crime of the mastermind.”

“Okay, you’re a professional at this.
We’ll follow your arrangements.”

“When the time is right, we’ll file a report.
Then I’ll produce a lawyer’s letter and finalize the matter.”

“Okay, Lawyer Jin.
Sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s no trouble.
It’s my job.”

“Then we’ll keep in touch.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

Shi Qian had heard all the conversation between Teacher Ouyang and the lawyer.
She agreed with the lawyer very much.

“If you’re not feeling well today, take a day off.”

“No need.
It’s not my fault.
I don’t have any psychological burden.”

“I’m quite relieved to see you like this.” Teacher Ouyang revealed a satisfied smile.

She had always believed that Shi Qian would definitely become a dazzling star in the future!

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