Chapter 186: Big Boss Fu Didn’t Help His Wife

Jiang Feng played with his phone in boredom.

As he scrolled, he saw a familiar nickname.

“Beached whale? Isn’t that the streamer!”

He immediately opened his follow-up list.
There were less than ten accounts in the list.

[Beached Whale] was first.

As soon as he opened it, Jiang Feng realized that his account had gained fans!

Previously, she only had tens of thousands of fans.
Now, she had more than three million!

He clicked on the first video.
The comments below were all scolding her.

Suddenly, his gaze froze on a comment that had many likes.

He saw a familiar name!

“Shi Qian?” He was confused.
Wasn’t that the young madam’s name?

Could they have the same name?

He quickly scrolled down.

“Second-year student of the Chinese Drama Academy, Shi Qian!”

At this moment, he was certain that this person was Young Madam!

Jiang Feng held the phone and looked confused.

[Beached Whale] was Young Madam!

What kind of fate was this?

He had actually never realized it! If Young Master Fu knew, what would his expression be?

Jiang Feng immediately stood up and walked towards Fu Sinian’s office.

“Young Master Fu! I have something to tell you!”

Fu Sinian looked up.
When he was working, he hated to be disturbed.

He didn’t even look up.
His gaze was still on the contract in front of him.

“Young Master Fu! I know who the [Beached Whale] is!” Jiang Feng said excitedly.

Fu Sinian was about to turn the page when he suddenly stopped.

He slowly raised his head and looked at Jiang Feng.

“The beached whale is the streamer who recorded your audio clips.” After Jiang Feng reminded her, he said anxiously, “She’s actually Young Madam!”

Fu Sinian’s expression was unperturbed.

He looked down at the contract again.

Jiang Feng was dumbfounded!

Young Master Fu did not react at all to such a big matter!

He was like a hot coal being doused with cold water.

“Young Master Fu, Young Master seems to be in trouble.
Everyone is scolding her online.”

Fu Sinian looked up again.
“Scold her? For what reason?”

Jiang Feng immediately raised his phone in front of Fu Sinian.
“Young Madam seems to have offended a small celebrity.”

Fu Sinian took the phone and glanced at it.

This was Shi Qian’s account.
He followed it.

However, it was a few days ago.

He flipped through it casually and it was filled with unsightly curses.

There was no practical content at all.

Jiang Feng did not explain the situation clearly!

Fu Sinian glanced coldly at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng could feel the disdain in this gaze.

“Young Master Fu, you can’t sit back and do nothing about this matter.
Young Madam has already been bullied to this extent!”

Fu Sinian took out his phone and in less than five minutes had everything figured out.

She actually didn’t say anything when something like this happened in school!

Was she preparing to be bullied to death? Was she not going to resist?

Wasn’t she quite formidable when she fought with him?

The public opinion on the Internet was biased and disadvantageous to her.
However, he could tell at a glance that Sun Feifei was stirring up trouble.

The goal was to launch an Internet riot and damage Shi Qian’s reputation while she suffered Internet hate.

However, Sun Feifei could not produce evidence to prove Shi Qian pushed her.

Therefore, this was a false accusation.

Shi Qian had been tricked by Sun Feifei.

“Young Master Fu, Young Madam is definitely innocent.
If you don’t help her, who knows how far things will go!”

Jiang Feng had also figured out the entire matter.

He couldn’t stand the abuse online!

Did Young Master Fu really not care?

“I really don’t know how Young Madam survived the past two days.
She must have been holding it in and enduring it alone!”


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