188 Big Boss Fu Has Taken Good Care of His Body.
He’s Not Old at All

Shi Qian stuck her head out of the umbrella to see where Fu Sinian’s car was.

At this moment, a car drove past without slowing down.
The water by the roadside immediately splashed in the direction of Shi Qian!

Liu Yiming quickly pulled Shi Qian back and held the umbrella with one hand to block the water that was splashing over!

Fu Sinian watched the blue umbrella block the two people.

From where they were standing, they were definitely hugging each other!

Shi Qian felt Liu Yiming suddenly tug at her.
She also panicked and grabbed the bag in front of Liu Yiming’s chest before stabilizing herself.

Liu Yiming’s hand was very gentlemanly.
He just raised it.
Seeing that she was steady, he did not approach her.

The umbrella was still too small, although it blocked his upper body.
Liu Yiming’s pants and Shi Qian’s skirt were wet.

“Thank you, Senior,” Shi Qian said softly.

If Liu Yiming hadn’t pulled her back, she would have been drenched by the water!

Liu Yiming quickly raised the umbrella to cover the two of them.

He looked up and saw a man in a black suit standing behind Shi Qian with a black umbrella.

Shi Qian felt her arm tighten as someone grabbed her.

Unable to stop herself, she took two steps back and crashed into a solid embrace.

A familiar ebony fragrance wafted over.
She was instantly shocked and turned to look at Fu Sinian!

He wasn’t in a wheelchair!

Did he walk across the road?

It had to be more than twenty meters away!

Fu Sinian’s umbrella was in front of Shi Qian.
Water fell from its tip like beads from a broken string, forming a curtain of rain.

He did not leave immediately.
Instead, he sized up Liu Yiming.

He wore a loose T-shirt, sweatpants, sneakers, and a gym bag slung across his chest.
He was dressed ordinarily, but he exuded the masculinity and vitality that only young people possessed.

Fu Sinian always wore formal clothes.
Even at Liu Yiming’s age, he had a maturity that was beyond his age.

Since his father’s death in a car accident, he had been deprived of normal opportunities to grow up.
Not even in his childhood, let alone his youth.

He was no more than twenty-seven now, but he looked forty-seven.

“This is?” Liu Yiming felt that Fu Sinian was inexplicably hostile to him!

“He’s… my uncle,” Shi Qian said.

Fu Sinian’s face darkened instantly.

Why was Jiang Feng her cousin, but he became her uncle?

“Hello, Uncle,” Liu Yiming greeted him politely.

Fu Sinian tightened his grip on Shi Qian’s wrist.
Shi Qian almost cried out in pain.

“Let’s go back first!” She immediately supported Fu Sinian, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

Fu Sinian was indeed struggling.
His legs were already trembling.

Jiang Feng also ran over and helped Shi Qian support Fu Sinian.

Shi Qian turned her head and waved at Liu Yiming.

“Bye!” Liu Yiming waved back.

He looked at Fu Sinian being supported by Shi Qian and the other person and couldn’t help but sigh.
“People take good care of themselves these days.
They look quite young at such an old age.”

Shi Qian helped Fu Sinian into the car and immediately reached for his leg.
His leg was already cramping.

She immediately knelt down and massaged him.

“Young Master Fu, how do you feel? Do you want to straighten your legs?”

With that, she realized that there was no room for Fu Sinian’s long legs to straighten in this ordinary car.

“Why did you walk through that rain and that distance? What if you fell halfway?” Shi Qian could not figure out his behavior.

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