191 Big Boss Fu’s Love Is Over Just As It Started

Fu Sinian listened to this and reached out to tug at his tie.

Why was it so stuffy in the car? It was suffocating!

When Jiang Feng heard the rest of the conversation, he felt sorry for Young Master Fu.

Was this relationship going to end just as it started?

Young Madam really liked that classmate!

“Jiang Feng, why are you turning on the heater?” Fu Sinian shouted at Jiang Feng again.

Jiang Feng was speechless.

He immediately turned off the heater.

Did Young Master Fu have nowhere to vent his anger?

His wife had run off with someone else.
He was surprised and triggered, right?

He felt that Young Master Fu was not worthy of sympathy at all.
In fact, he deserved it.

“The deadline the old master gave is a little more than two months away.
I want you to keep your distance from that boy for the time being.
You can resume your relationship after you finish the divorce procedures with me.”

“Okay,” Shi Qian agreed immediately.

She and Liu Yiming were not really dating.
Fu Sinian’s request was exactly what she wanted.

He had been picking her up from school every day for the past two months.
She was also afraid that the lie would be exposed.

The car slowed to a stop.

Shi Qian was about to get out of the car when Fu Sinian suddenly spoke.

“Jiang Feng, you don’t have to send me to the company.
Prepare a wheelchair.”

“Yes.” Jiang Feng immediately got out of the car and prepared.

Shi Qian also went down to help and shielded the wheelchair with an umbrella.

Fu Sinian held the door and sat in the wheelchair.
It still looked like he was struggling.

“Young Master Fu, should we call Dr.
Bai to take a look?” Shi Qian asked.

He didn’t look too good.
He was actually not going to the company!

“No need.” With that, Fu Sinian started the wheelchair and headed into the courtyard.

Shi Qian quickly followed with her umbrella.

… .

It was after four in the afternoon.

Sun Feifei interviewed with the director and producers of the new drama.

There was still gauze on her head.

The reporter immediately focused on her.

A supporting actress was so popular.
It was the image the producer wanted to see.

Over the past two days, the new drama had also gained a good exposure because of Sun Feifei’s matter.

During the interview, Sun Feifei was originally in the last seat.
The producer had arranged for her to be transferred at the last minute.

She and the female lead sat beside the director.

Sun Feifei knew what this arrangement meant!

After the normal interview, a reporter locked the topic on Sun Feifei.

A reporter stood up.
“I saw that Miss Sun’s head was still wrapped in gauze.
Was the injury on her head caused by a student from the same school at the Chinese Drama Academy who pushed her?”

“I’m sure she didn’t mean to.
This matter has been going on for a few days.
I really want this matter to be settled quickly.
I also feel very sorry for taking up public resources.
Please stop paying attention to this matter and pay more attention to the new director, lineup, and production of ‘Deep Palace Conspiracy’! Thank you, everyone!”

Sun Feifei did not answer directly.
Instead, she sipped her tea and bowed.

“Miss Sun, did you just say that Shi Qian pushed you and caused you to injure your head?” Another voice sounded.

Sun Feifei looked up at the reporter.

This reporter’s question was so blunt and sharp that she could only answer with an affirmative or a negative.

At this moment, not only the reporters present, but also the main creators looked at Sun Feifei.

They also hoped that Sun Feifei would give a firm answer.

The hype was enough.
It was time to put an end to it.

They were also a little worried.

After all, in the past two years, it was often that an actor’s scandal ruined a movie.

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