192 Big Boss Fu Takes Action

Sun Feifei just entered the industry and had not experienced such a big scene.

She looked to the agents below the stage for some help.

The agent looked helpless.
There was nothing he could do.

That day, Sun Feifei returned to school.
He did not follow her.
After Sun Feifei was injured, he went to school to look for her.

He didn’t know the truth.

At this point, he could only pray that everything Sun Feifei said was true!

Otherwise, Sun Feifei would have no place in this circle.

Sun Feifei didn’t get a response from her agent and didn’t dare delay too long.
She held the receiver and slowly said, “Yes.”

Shi Qian looked at the interview and felt angry.

She really could not understand why Sun Feifei was doing this.

The video of the interview was already playing on various major websites.

There was another heated discussion on various websites.

[Those who are still waiting for there to be a reversal in this matter, I just want to ask.
Will there be a reversal?]

[Even if Sun Feifei’s injuries are not serious, she’s an actress after all.
She’s about to enter the production team.
If her face is injured, it will more or less affect her.
Does Shi Qian not have to be responsible? Is a light apology enough?]

[Didn’t Shi Qian say in the live broadcast that she wanted Sun Feifei to resolve this matter through legal procedures? She still dares to be so arrogant now?]

[Even if Sun Feifei doesn’t want to blow things up and wants to let Shi Qian off, Shi Qian should publicly apologize to Sun Feifei again!]

[When she saw that she was famous, she wanted to do something bad to her.
It’s best if such a person never enters the entertainment industry.
She’s not worthy of being liked and supported!]

The current trend was already supporting Sun Feifei.

Under Shi Qian’s account, there was another round of crazy cursing!

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Shi Qian looked up at the door.

Fu Sinian moved slowly toward her in his wheelchair.

Today, both of them were at home.
Shi Qian had occupied the study, and Fu Sinian used the study to deal with the company.

“I’ll get a copy of the information,” Fu Sinian said slowly.

“Oh.” Shi Qian immediately stepped back to make room for him.

Fu Sinian searched the desk.
He had only rummaged a few times when he stopped and looked up at Shi Qian.

“The man who harassed you the other day didn’t harass you again, did he?”

“No.” Shi Qian shook his head.
“I guess he’s not even healed yet.”


There was a banner put up in school to show their love.
How was that not harassment?

He wanted to use this matter as an opening, hoping that Shi Qian would tell him what had happened online.

However, Shi Qian obviously did not even want to talk to him about the banner.
She told him directly that there was none! It was even more impossible for her to talk to him about what was happening online!

He had just paid attention to the movements on the Internet.
If he didn’t resolve it soon, she would really be burdened with this stain!

Did she expect that boyfriend to support her?!

Suddenly, Shi Qian’s phone rang.

Fu Sinian glanced sideways.

Shi Qian quickly picked up her phone and walked toward the window.
She answered the call with her back to Fu Sinian.

“Shi Qian, things are getting worse online.
Why haven’t you posted the video yet?” Liu Yiming sounded anxious on the phone.

“Don’t worry, Senior.
I have plans for this.”

“That’s good.” Liu Yiming was relieved.
“Where are you now? I’m afraid your personal information has been leaked.
Try not to go out until things are resolved.”

“I’m at my uncle’s house.
I’m safe.”

Fu Sinian glanced at Shi Qian and guessed that this call was from her boyfriend, right?

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