193 Serious Consequences

Shi Qian was a student after all.
She had not been beaten down by society yet and her thoughts were pure.

Could such a big thing be resolved by a phone call of comfort?

Couldn’t she just open her mouth to him?

If she asked, this would be over in less than an hour.

That Sun Feifei would never appear in the public eye again!

Shi Qian was still on the phone with Liu Yiming.

“As long as the video is released and the truth comes out, everything will be fine.
Don’t worry too much.
If there’s anything I can do, feel free to contact me.”

“Okay, thank you.” Shi Qian hung up and turned to Fu Sinian.

He hadn’t left yet, and he hadn’t found what he was looking for.

“Young Master Fu, what are you looking for? Do you need my help?” Shi Qian walked over.

She realized that Fu Sinian didn’t look happy.

“Young Master Fu, I didn’t touch anything here.”

Fu Sinian opened a drawer, took something, and left.

Jiang Feng was sitting in the living room.
When he saw Fu Sinian coming out of the study, he immediately followed him.

Fu Sinian threw what he was holding on the table.

Jiang Feng pushed open the door and was shocked by this scene.

He closed the door and tiptoed to Fu Sinian’s side.
He picked up the papers that were scattered on the ground.

“Young Master Fu, I just realized that the situation on the Internet is getting worse.
Young Madam is criticized badly by that Sun Feifei this time…” Jiang Feng’s voice became softer and softer until it finally disappeared.

“Don’t mention anything about Shi Qian in front of me!”

Jiang Feng pursed his lips tightly.
Although he did not let him speak, his eyes still revealed his thoughts!

That was a silent complaint from Young Master Fu!

“Get out!” Fu Sinian shouted coldly.

“Yes.” Jiang Feng immediately left.

… .

Shi Qian was in the study communicating with the lawyer about this.

“Miss Shi, the reporter who interviewed Sun Feifei today has really helped us a lot.
Sun Feifei definitely answered his question.
It has a legal effect.
She will be mainly responsible for this matter.”

Shi Qian watched the video and paid special attention to the reporter.

This reporter only asked this question the entire time.

It gave her a feeling.

It was as if this reporter was targeting this matter.

It was to make Sun Feifei talk about the lie in public and create evidence to slander her.

But who would help her like this?

Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

“If Sun Feifei doesn’t admit in public when the truth is revealed, her image will at most be damaged.
She can’t be held directly responsible for the information that has been spreading online and the cyberbullying incident against you.
She needs further evidence.
That would be too troublesome.”

Shi Qian understood immediately.

Sun Feifei had indeed been hiding behind the scenes.
The trending post was not posted by Sun Feifei.
Moreover, as the incident continued to worsen, Sun Feifei did not make any public comments.

With that said, she felt even more certain that this reporter was asking targeted questions.

“In any case, the way things are going is in our favor.
I’ll send you a photo of the lawyer’s letter now.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Less than a minute after Shi Qian hung up, she received the lawyer’s letter.

… .

The capital at night was even more extravagant.

The lights were red and colorful and the flashing neon colors were dazzling.

In the private room of the Noble Bar, a group of people were drinking happily.

“Feifei, you’re joining the crew tomorrow.
Congratulations on your new drama!”

“I also wish you the best of luck in becoming an A-list celebrity!”

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