194 Do You Think That’s All?

Sun Feifei looked smug.
She raised her glass and slowly stood up.
“Thank you, everyone.
I’ll drink first!”

After the glass of wine, the alcohol hit her.

This feeling of floating was too satisfying!

Shi Qian! I didn’t even give you a chance to be my opponent!

Seeing Shi Qian being attacked by the Internet, she felt more than relieved! She was so happy that she wanted to dance.

“Feifei!” The manager walked up to Sun Feifei and held her wrist.

“Come, drink!” Sun Feifei picked up a glass of wine and handed it to her manager.

The agent didn’t take it.
He pulled her outside.

“Why are you pulling me?!” Sun Feifei shook off her manager’s hand with an unhappy expression.

“Shi Qian sent a lawyer’s letter!”

“Send a lawyer’s letter? Who’s she trying to scare? What’s the use of this?” Sun Feifei reached out and placed her hand on the agent’s shoulder.
“A lawyer’s letter is enough to scare you like that.
I suspect your business ability!”

Instead of answering, the agent raised his phone and clicked on a video feed.

Sun Feifei narrowed her eyes at the video.

“Is this what really happened at the cafeteria that day?”

Sun Feifei snatched the phone away.
“Where did the video come from? The surveillance cameras in the dining hall clearly—”

She quickly stopped herself from saying the rest.

The agent immediately understood!

Indeed, Sun Feifei had planned this!

He was really speechless!

“Sun Feifei, you really played a good hand! You’re dead! Completely dead!” The manager roared at Sun Feifei!

“Where did this video come from?! Why did they only release it now! Who wants to harm me?”

The agent’s phone rang.
When he saw that it was the head of the company’s public relations department, he felt a chill.

He pushed past Sun Feifei and walked to the side.

Sun Feifei seemed to have thought of something and rushed into the private room to find her phone.

After unlocking it, she did not have the courage to check the information online.

When the people in the private room saw Sun Feifei like this, they fell silent.

“Feifei? What’s wrong?” Someone walked over and sat beside Sun Feifei.

Sun Feifei ran out with her phone.

The agent put a hand to his forehead, took out a cigarette, lit it, and took a long drag.

“How is it? What did the public relations department say?” Sun Feifei asked softly.

“Do you know how much impact this has!”

“Shi Qian has already sent a lawyer’s letter! Will I be jailed?” Sun Feifei was really afraid now.

“Be in jail? You shouldn’t care about that now.
The person in charge of ‘Deep Palace Conspiracy’ has already called Boss Pei.
Not only do they want to remove you, but we also have to compensate the company for the impact on this drama because of you!”

“The public relations department just called.
Are they trying to do public relations for me?”

“Public relations for you? How much face do you have? They called and scolded me! Sun Feifei, bear the consequences yourself!”

The agent turned and left.

Sun Feifei turned around and realized that everyone in the private room had come out.
They had all heard what was said.

The people who had been fawning over her earlier did not even have anything to comfort her now.

The people in the private room next door were also alarmed and walked out.

“Damn! Isn’t this Sun Feifei!”

“That’s her!”

Someone quickly raised his phone and turned on the camera!

Sun Feifei quickly raised her hand to cover her face.
“Stop taking photos! Stop taking photos! If you take any more, I’ll call the police!”

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