195 Torturing Demon

The people who came with Sun Feifei were also filmed.

Some were desperately avoiding the camera.
Others had already been recorded.
There was no choice.

The power of the Internet was too strong.
If these videos were uploaded online, they would be affected by what Sun Feifei had done!

“Sun Feifei, I didn’t expect you to be such a person! I was really blind to have made such a friend!”

“I’m not familiar with Sun Feifei to begin with.
I’m just here to join in the fun!”

Sun Feifei’s chest ached with anger at the sound of their voices.

These people dispersed as quickly as possible.

Sun Feifei wanted to leave too, but she hadn’t paid the bill yet.
After paying, she walked out of the bar.

Looking at the bill of tens of thousands of yuan, her heart ached even more!

… .

Shi Qian paid attention to the situation online.

As soon as the lawyer’s letter and video were sent out, the comments section was immediately occupied by people who supported her!

[There’s finally a turnaround! I’ve been so aggrieved these past few days! Do those people owe Shi Qian an apology too?]

[If an apology is useful, why won’t she want a JC? Shi Qian has already hired a lawyer and suggested that we pursue the matter to the end! We can’t let anyone who participated in the cyberbullying off!]

[Hugging Shi Qian.
She has suffered so much these past two days!]

[I hope you can quickly get over this matter and come up with more and better works as soon as possible! I’ll support you to the end!]

Shi Qian put down the phone and stretched.

It had been less than two hours since she posted the video, but the trend online had completely changed.

Sun Feifei was enduring double what she had endured!

Moreover, Sun Feifei would face far worse consequences.

Although Fu Sinian returned to his room and threw a tantrum, he couldn’t help but pay attention to the progress of this matter.

When he saw the video Shi Qian had posted, his emotions were even more complicated.

She was so calm, as if she hadn’t been affected at all because she had evidence in her hands.

She was just waiting for the right moment to counterattack.

His concern and help were unnecessary!

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and frowned.

However, he still answered the call.

“Young Master Fu, when will you treat me to the wine you owe me?” At this moment, Rong Qi was lying on the expensive Italian sofa with his legs crossed and a playful smile on his face.

“There’s a batch of wine you like in a few days.
I’ll get it delivered to you when it arrives.”

“No thanks!” Rong Qi refused directly, like a tormenting little vixen.

“I want you to treat me to a drink at a bar! Tell me about you.
I said I’d treat you, but you didn’t agree.
Now you should be treating me! Since you’re treating me, the time and place will be determined by me.”

“Since you like drinking so much, I’ll get Jiang Feng to bring18 drinks to accompany you!”

“No, there’s no need! I was just joking! How can I, a person who has nothing to do all day, compare to a busy person like President Fu! Of course I’ll follow President Fu’s schedule!”

“Is there anything else?” Fu Sinian was already impatient.

“Yes! Don’t hang up! I just want to gossip.” Rong Qi sat up straight.
Even without Fu Sinian beside him, his voice was a little weak.

“You asked me to arrange for someone to interview Sun Feifei.
At that time, I suspected that you were interested in her! It turned out that it was someone else! Do you think you’ve taken a fancy to that Shi Qian?”

Fu Sinian rubbed his eyebrows in exasperation.

He really admired Rong Qi’s ability to make groundless accusations!

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