196 There’s Actually a Woman in the Room in the Middle of the Night

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“Young Master Fu, you’ve been in a coma for more than three years.
It hasn’t even been three months since you woke up, but there’s already a situation.
This doesn’t seem like your style! If you confess, you’ll be forgiven.
Did the situation start a long time ago?”

Before Fu Sinian could respond, Rong Qi countered his idea.

“Shi Qian is only a sophomore this year in her twenties.
If there was a situation three years ago… Damn! You beasts!”

Fu Sinian frowned as he heard Rong Qi’s voice.

“You investigated her?”

Rong Qi felt a chill run down his spine and quickly explained, “No! I was just concerned about why you were personally worried about a small celebrity, so I learned a little about her.”

“My relationship with Shi Qian is not what you think.”

Rong Qi couldn’t help but smile.

He thought to himself, “Fu Sinian, you’re just trying to explain things.
If I believe you, I’ll have lived more than twenty years in vain!”

Shi Qian pushed the door open and entered.
She didn’t notice that Fu Sinian was on the phone and asked him.

“Young Master Fu, I’ve got some fruit milk.
Do you want some?”

When Rong Qi heard a woman’s voice on the phone, he jumped up from the sofa!

A woman!

It was past eleven at night.
The woman in Fu Sinian’s room!

Before he could speak, the line went dead.

He hung up!

Rong Qi was stunned.


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