197 The End Is Worse Than I Imagined!

With his qualifications, wouldn’t a Michelin chef come by easily?

His reaction made her feel confident.

Was her cooking really that good?

She was only halfway through her milk when Fu Sinian finished all four small cakes.
Then he picked up the milk and drank the glass of milk too.

Shi Qian collected the plates and carried them out.

Nanny Li looked surprised at the empty plate and milk glass.

“Young Madam, has Young Master Fu finished the milk?”

“Yes, and finished the cake too.” Shi Qian nodded.

“That’s impossible, right? Young Master Fu never eats strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, or anything like that.” Auntie Li found it even more unbelievable.

“Is it possible that he’s not picky about food, but about cooking methods?” Shi Qian guessed.

“Young Madam, what you said is possible! However, it’s also possible that Young Master Fu likes to eat Young Madam’s food.”

Shi Qian immediately shook her head.
“No, there’s nothing special about what I make.”

“When Young Madam cooks something delicious for Old Master, can you leave a portion for Young Master Fu too?”

“Sure.” Shi Qian nodded.
There was no trouble.
Fu Sinian didn’t eat much.

Auntie Li felt that she had to try this method to make Young Master Fu eat four pieces of cake and a glass of milk.

What if Young Master Fu really liked Young Madam’s dishes?

“It’s getting late.
Go and rest, Young Madam.”

… .

The next day, Shi Qianyi went to school.

Her three roommates found her.

“Qian Qian! What happened online these past two days has really worried us! Fortunately, the truth is out!” Qiu Jie hugged Shi Qian’s arm, her face filled with worry.

“Qian Qian, Sun Feifei has really harmed you this time,” Huang Jia said.

“Fortunately, we have the video as evidence.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to clear your name.”

Shi Qian smiled at the three of them.
“It’s okay.
It’s over.”

“Sun Feifei has been canceled.
Now, her scandals are all over the Internet!”

“What other dirt?” Shi Qian had not had time to look at her phone since she had rested last night and until this morning.

“There must be something behind her participation in the Heavenly Feast to enter the top four! Not only did she edit her voice and bribe the judges, but she also has an improper relationship with the person in charge of the title sponsor.”

“The female lead of ‘Deep Palace Conspiracy’, Sweetie, is not to be trifled with.
Sweetie’s fans are so strong.
This drama hasn’t started filming yet, so it won’t affect Sweetie much.
If something happens halfway when filming starts, Sweetie’s fans will definitely tear Sun Feifei apart!”

“The company she signed with terminated her contract for personal reasons.
Also, she has to bear some compensation.”

“Now, it’s revealed that she’s heavily in debt even though she has just made a name for herself.
She’s already wearing branded bags and clothes.
So these things are all bought with credit cards and loans.”

“Sun Feifei is completely ruined! However, she doesn’t deserve any sympathy at all! She deserves it.”

As the three of them spoke, Shi Qian already understood what had happened.

Sun Feifei’s fate was indeed much worse than she had thought.

“Qian Qian, do you still want to pursue the matter of her being a scoundrel and plotting Internet violence?”

“I can let it go, but she has to apologize publicly,” Shi Qian replied softly.

“It’s simply too easy to let her off by not pursuing the matter! There’s no escaping an apology!”

“Yes! She must apologize!”


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