198 How Dare You Harass Me?

Sun Feifei was like a drowning dog now.
Everyone wanted to step on her.

She was the kind of person who was trampled into hell before she really understood what heaven was.

After a muddled night, Sun Feifei woke up slowly at dawn.

She didn’t dare look at the situation online.
She just wanted to escape.

She knew that all the dirt on her had been dug out!

It couldn’t be worse!

No, she was completely dead!

Last night, before she fell asleep, she checked her phone.
The entire Internet was cursing her.

They were all telling her to get out of the entertainment industry.

Those scandals were no longer important.
The most important thing now was her debt and the legal responsibility she had to bear for slandering Shi Qian.

Would Shi Qian kill her?

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Sun Feifei immediately tensed.
She got up and walked to the door.

The door opened and a man in a gray suit stood outside.
He was carrying a briefcase.

It looked like the big boss’s assistant.

“Hello, Miss Sun.
Our President Su wants to meet you.”

“President Su? Which President Su?”

“President Su can help you resolve your current predicament.”

Sun Feifei nodded.
“I’ll see him.
I’ll go right away.”

… .

After Shi Qian finished her class, she was called to Teacher Ouyang’s office.

“Shi Qian, I called you here today to tell you three things.
The first is about Sun Feifei.
What are your plans next?”

“I’m going to contact my lawyer first.
I want Sun Feifei to apologize publicly.
If she’s willing to apologize to me publicly, I’ll let this go.”

Teacher Ouyang nodded and agreed with Shi Qian’s way of handling it.

“The second thing is that Director Zheng contacted me.
You’ll enter the recording studio next Monday to record.
Coincidentally, they have a few recording studios.
One of them is not far from us.
I’ll send you the address later.”

“Okay! Thank you, Teacher Ouyang.”

“There’s something else.
The program planner for Heavenly Feast also contacted me and wants to invite you to be their guest for the second episode.”

Shi Qian was excited!

“At the moment, the various segments of the show are still being planned.
We have to wait for the schedules of a few heavyweight guests.
The exact recording time hasn’t been decided yet.
They brought the contract over first.
Take a look at the contract.
If there’s no problem, sign the contract first.
At that time, the recording time will definitely be settled.
I’ll let you know.”

“Yes, yes.” Shi Qian nodded immediately.

Teacher Ouyang took out the contract from the drawer and handed it to Shi Qian.

“Thank you, Teacher Ouyang.” Shi Qian bowed deeply to Teacher Ouyang.

“Go ahead.” Teacher Ouyang waved his hand.

Shi Qian had no classes in the afternoon.
She came to the library and read the contract carefully.
When she saw the fee, she was shocked.

Just by participating in the recording, even if she was eliminated in the first round, she could still get 200,000 yuan!

If she could enter the top eight, she would get a million yuan!

The champion received ten million, the runner-up received eight million, and the third place received five million!

Shi Qian did not dare to think about the top three.
It was fine as long as she could enter the top eight.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside her.

Shi Qian looked up and her brows immediately furrowed.

Qin Hao?

Why was he here again?

Looking at his face, his injuries had not fully recovered!

Shi Qian stood up and was about to leave when Qin Hao grabbed her.
Shi Qian shook her wrist hard, and Qin Hao’s hand was thrown onto the hard table.

Qin Hao’s face was ashen from the pain, but he didn’t flare up.

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