Shi Qian dared not look at him again.
She felt guilty.

She took a few deep breaths to calm her restless mind.

Fortunately, Fu Sinian knew nothing.

Or else…

It was unthinkable.

She couldn’t help but glance at Fu Sinian again.
Her face burned.

How long would it go on like this?

Does a vegetable really react like that?

Does it happen every day?

A thought struck her.
There was a report that a vegetative person had conceived a child and delivered it without any incidents.

Still, the vegetable was a female.

After Fu Sinian’s reaction just now, she had witnessed it for herself.

Shi Qian quickly dismissed this thought.
Why would she think about such nonsense!

… .

Bai made a cup of coffee and headed for the computer.

Even the reflection of the computer screen on his glasses couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes as he looked at the data flashing on the computer.

Early in the morning!

Was it that exciting?!

Well done, young lady!

Young Master Fu’s reaction was even greater than last night!

… .

Shi Qian tidied up the room and went to the bathroom to wash up.
She splashed a few handfuls of cold water on his face before calming down.


Suddenly, her phone rang.

Shi Qian saw that it was a hospital number and quickly answered.

“Hello, is this Shi Qian? Come to the hospital quickly! Your mother has climbed to the rooftop to commit suicide!”

Shi Qian’s mind buzzed.
She ran out without even wiping her face!

When she arrived at the hospital’s inpatient building, Shi Qian saw a delicate figure on the roof.

Her heart was stabbed hard!

“Mom, no!”

Ignoring everything else, Shi Qian immediately rushed upstairs.

Jiang Feng saw that the situation was bad and rushed forward.

Shi Qiuran’s face was streaked with tears.

Su Youwei’s visit shattered her!

She had not expected to burden her most beloved daughter like this!

If she had known, she would have ended her life when she found out she had such a disease.
She would never have burdened her daughter.

All she wanted was to see her daughter again.
Just once.

Never be a burden to her again.


Shi Qian climbed to the top floor.
There were already staff guarding here.

However, she did not dare to provoke her mother’s emotions and did not dare to go forward.

Shi Qian looked at her mother’s back.
It was so thin that even the smallest hospital gown looked big on her.

Her mother was only a few steps away from her, as if in the next second, she would be separated from her forever.

Her heart ached so badly she couldn’t breathe.

Tears fell instantly.

She stepped in that direction, trying not to startle her mother.

She walked all the way to the other side of the rooftop.
She climbed up and sat at the spot where the wind would blow at her.

The staff members paled at Shi Qian’s actions.

Why was this girl sitting there too!

Just now, it was just someone about to jump off a building.

This was still under control!

In the blink of an eye, there was another one!

“Mom,” she said softly, her voice shaking and weeping.

Shi Qiuran immediately turned her head when she heard her daughter’s voice.

When she saw that Shi Qian was sitting in the same position as her, her pupils constricted.

“I’m going down, Qian Qian!” She shouted at Shi Qian, using all her strength.

“Mom, why do you want to leave me? Are you giving me up too? Where are you going? I’ll stay with you, okay? Don’t leave me alone, okay?” Shi Qian begged softly, tears falling uncontrollably.

“Qian Qian, be good.
Mommy isn’t going anywhere! Mommy will go down now! Don’t move!” Shi Qiuran was emotionless.

She only wanted to protect her daughter.
She could not let her daughter be hurt at all!

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