200 Hard to Reduce the Hatred in His Heart!

Qin Hao walked forward and a man in a suit immediately handed him an exquisite box.

Qin Hao took the box and walked to Shi Qian.

Inside was a car key.

Seeing that Shi Qian didn’t react, Qin Hao opened the box personally and took out the key.
He waved it in front of Shi Qian.

In his heart, he was already imagining Shi Qian under him tonight.

In this world, there was no woman that money could not buy.
If there was, it meant that the money was not in place yet!

“I’m sorry, I can’t accept this gift.
Qin Hao, please don’t waste your time on me!” Shi Qian said and turned to leave.

Qin Hao looked at Shi Qian’s departing back and his eyes darkened!

He was furious!

Besides, he had lost all face with so many people watching!

He secretly gritted his back teeth and threw the key back into the box!

This woman had really crossed his bottom line again and again!

Now, it was not only Su Ruoqing who wanted him to sleep with Shi Qian.
If he did not ruin Shi Qian, it would be difficult for him to vent his hatred!

“President Qin, this car…” The man in the suit walked forward and asked softly.

Qin Hao threw the box with the key to the man in the suit.
“Drive it back to the car shop and leave it there!”

… .

Wen Lan was invited to a private party.

She had not been to such an occasion since Fu Sinian appeared.

After Fu Sinian woke up and took over the company, she had a chance to relax.

Those who could attend this banquet today were all nobles in the capital, and they were all women.

Wen Lan sat in a room on the second floor and watched the people coming and going in the courtyard through the big French window.

The door opened and a beautifully dressed woman entered.

In her hand was a sprig of champagne.

“Look at you.
You’re already here, but you’re hiding in your room alone.” The woman handed Wen Lan the champagne.

“Madam Rong, if you hadn’t organized this banquet, I might not have come.” Wen Lan took the champagne and took a sip.

“Let’s go downstairs and play mahjong.
It’s still early.” Madam Rong pulled Wen Lan up without caring about her image.

“Alright, alright, I’m afraid of you.” Wen Lan stood up and followed Madam Rong out of the room with the champagne.

On the first floor, a few wealthy ladies were sitting in the living room, drinking and gossiping.

Qin, you don’t have to worry.
Your son never lacks female companions.”

Ma, don’t say that! Although my son has a female companion, my son lacks a wife.
How can those women be elegant?”

“I heard that your son has been very concerned about a female student from Chinese drama recently! The media has photographed her a few times and he gave her a limited edition sports car!”

“That’s right.
I like that car too, but Qin Hao beat me to it.
I even contacted him in private.
I asked ‘Can you give it to me?’ He actually refused! I’m so angry!” A young girl complained.

Qin, is Qin Hao serious this time? If he stays in that circle every day, I might really find you with an actress daughter-in-law one day.”

Madam Qin’s face darkened.

“Look, this is the girl Qin Hao is chasing! I saw her.
She’s really beautiful and innocent.
No wonder Qin Hao fell for her.” The young girl took out her phone.

A few noblewomen quickly reached over to take a look.

Wen Lan had never been interested in gossip.
She didn’t recognize the people in the living room and couldn’t be bothered to greet them.

“This girl’s name is Shi Qian.
She’s especially popular online recently!”

Wen Lan immediately stopped in her tracks.

She turned and looked into the living room.

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