201 Su Ruoqing Strikes

Rong followed her gaze.
Fu, don’t worry about those people.
If they find out that you’re the famous Mrs.
Fu, they’ll definitely surround you.
It’s very annoying.”

Wen Lan did not leave.
Instead, her gaze was fixed on a young girl.

Su Ruoqing? Why was she here?

“What are those women in the entertainment industry fighting for? It’s all about fame and fortune! Which one of them is innocent? Being innocent is also an act to coax men!”

“This Shi Qian doesn’t even like Qin Hao.
She must be preparing to catch a big fish!”

“You have to watch the men at home!”

“How can any man control himself when she looks like this! He’ll be hooked.”

These rich ladies complained about all kinds of women.

They were not afraid of those coquettish girls.
Instead, they were afraid of such pure girls.

It was just a topic, but these noble ladies treated Shi Qian as an imaginary enemy.

Su Ruoqing sat quietly at the side and listened to their discussion.

She had orchestrated all of this.

She did not believe that the Fu family really did not care about face.

Qin, I think you should just sign this girl to your company and hide her away.
In a few years, when she’s old, you can let her go!”

“I think that’ll work! If she becomes popular in the entertainment industry, what man wouldn’t want to have designs on her?”

“What do you mean by this? You want me to have such a monster in my company?” Madam Qin retorted angrily.

Wen Lan did not want to hear these words and turned to leave.

Suddenly, a voice called out from behind.

“Madam Fu.”

Wen Lan turned around and looked at Su Ruoqing, who had stopped her.
Her eyes immediately turned sharp.

Su Ruoqing was not nervous at all.
Instead, she stood up and walked towards Madam Fu.

“I didn’t expect to see Madam Fu again here.”

Madam Rong looked at Su Ruoqing in confusion and then at Wen Lan.
“Do you know each other?”

“I’ve seen her once, but I’m not familiar with her,” Wen Lan replied softly.
“Why is Miss Su at this banquet?”

“I was also invited by Mrs.

Wen Lan looked at Madam Rong.
“Are you close to her?”

“Do you remember a film my company had early this year? It was going to be released overseas.
I worked with her.”

“Miss Su, you’re quite knowledgeable.” Wen Lan glanced at Su Ruoqing.
She only had a bad impression of her at first, but now she found her annoying.

My father has a lot of investment projects.
At the moment, he’s more optimistic about the market in China.
I’m also trying to find out more.”

“Not bad.” Wen Lan nodded and left.

Madam Rong immediately followed.

“Did this Su Ruoqing offend you? You don’t seem to like her very much.”

Wen Lan took a deep breath.
“That’s all for today.
I’ll go back first.”

“Huh? You’re leaving already? I shouldn’t have invited her then.”

Wen Lan smiled.
“Some people can’t be avoided if they have to appear in front of you and annoy you.”

“Then I’ll send you off.” Madam Rong did not dare to keep Wen Lan any longer and personally sent her out.

Wen Lan sat in the car, still thinking about today.

At such a banquet, those women suddenly mentioned Qian Qian.
Did this have anything to do with Su Ruoqing?

She took out her phone and dialed her assistant.

“Xiao Zhang, help me check if there’s anything about Shi Qian online in the past two days.
Yes, I want it immediately.
Send it to me after you’ve finished checking.”


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