202 She’s Not Far From Being Mrs.

After Wen Lan left, Su Ruoqing was surrounded.

“Miss Su, you actually know Madam Fu!”

“Miss Su, Madam Fu rarely appears at such events and doesn’t participate in any social events.
How did you meet her? Could it be that you also work with the Fu Corporation?”

“I suddenly remembered that on the day Young Master Fu returned to the capital, a girl pushed him and appeared at the airport together with him.
That girl is Miss Su, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes.
I hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it.”

Someone immediately took out their phone and checked the news that day.

In the end, she realized that Fu Sinian was pushed by Su Ruoqing!

This news immediately exploded at this private banquet!

“Miss Su, what’s your relationship with Young Master Fu?”

“Yes, yes! What’s your relationship?”

“I have nothing to do with Young Master Fu.
Don’t misunderstand,” Su Ruoqing quickly denied.

The more she said it, the less anyone believed her.

“You’ve seen Madam Fu.
Did Young Master Fu bring you there?” Someone asked deliberately.

“Yes,” Su Ruoqing said and quickly covered her mouth.
“No, it’s not what you think.
I mean, Young Master Fu took me to the Fu family’s old residence to meet his family, but it was just a very normal meeting.”

Su Ruoqing seemed to be trying her best to explain and get rid of the relationship rumors, but her words were like a bomb thrown into the crowd.

In their minds, they automatically came to a conclusion.

Fu Sinian had brought Su Ruoqing to meet his family!

“Miss Su, are you stupid? Young Master Fu brought you to the Fu family and you even met them.
Perhaps he likes you?”

“No, he doesn’t.” Su Ruoqing shook her head.
“Our relationship is normal.”

“To be able to get Young Master Fu to bring her home, she’s just short of a proper confession!”

“Miss Su and Young Master Fu are really a match made in heaven.”

“No, no.
Don’t misunderstand!” Su Ruoqing was still anxious to explain.

However, no one believed that she and Fu Sinian were not in that kind of relationship.

She looked embarrassed.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” She rose and headed for the bathroom.

The moment the door closed, her expression changed.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and took a deep breath.
Her lips curled into a cold smile.

“Shi Qian, who are you to snatch him from me?”

After today’s matter, Shi Qian could forget about gaining a foothold in the wealthy circle in the capital!

So what if Madam Fu liked Shi Qian now?

As time passed, there would be more and more negative news about Shi Qian.
If Qin Hao had slept with her, would Madam Fu still want a daughter-in-law like Shi Qian?

Besides, Fu Sinian had personally told her that he would definitely divorce Shi Qian!

Next, she only needed to confirm her relationship with Fu Sinian and make those rumors become reality!

Was she still far from being Mrs.

… .

Half an hour later, Wen Lan received Xiao Zhang’s reply before she returned home.

After reading the information Xiao Zhang had gathered, she roughly understood everything.

It was not easy being the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family.

Especially someone like the Fu family.

She was born into a scholarly family.
After she married into the Fu family, she was forced to become a strong woman.
She could not do whatever she wanted.

The man she loved had left her early!

She dared not recall the sadness she had felt over the years.

Could this child, Shi Qian, bear the weight of the Fu family?

The fame and fortune of the entertainment industry was a battlefield without smoke.

What about the wealthy circle?

That was a bloody slaughterhouse!

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