205 Big Boss Fu Has An Itch

“You’re already closed.
Does it matter to you who I bring?” Fu Sinian asked instead of answering.

“Male or female?” Rong Qi asked again.

Fu Sinian didn’t answer.
Instead, he instructed Jiang Feng, “Jiang Feng, go back.”

“Wait! Give me a minute!” Rong Qi said immediately.

Then he heard Rong Qi’s voice on the phone again.

“Manager Wang, you’re not allowed to take a break.
All of you are to stay behind and wait for orders.
I’ll set off now.
Also, prepare two rooms.”

After Rong Qi finished instructing, he immediately reported to Fu Sinian, “Young Master Fu, I’ve arranged it.
I’ll be there soon! See you!”

Shi Qian was speechless.

Fu Sinian hung up and looked at Shi Qian.

“Call the old master and tell him we’re not going back.”

“Oh, okay.” Shi Qian quickly took out her phone and dialed the old master’s number.

The old master was preparing fruits for Shi Qian.

He checked the time.
Qian Qian would almost be home.

“Jin An.
It’s the weekend tomorrow.
Should I take Qian Qian out for a walk? It’s so boring to go to school every day.”

“Why don’t we take Young Madam to a play?”

“It’s not fun! I’ll ask Qian Qian if there’s anywhere she wants to go when she gets back.” The old master looked at his watch again.
“Why isn’t she back yet? It’s Friday.
There must be traffic again.”

Suddenly, the old master’s phone rang.

Jin An handed the phone to the old master.
“It’s Young Madam.”

The old master immediately smiled and answered.

“Qian Qian, Grandpa has all the fruits ready.
Where are you?”

Shi Qian suddenly did not know what to say.
She glanced at Fu Sinian.
“Grandpa, Young Master Fu and I are going for a meal.
We won’t be back for dinner tonight.”

“Fu Sinian took you out for a meal?” The old master refused to believe it!

“Qian Qian, did he not pick you up from school and abandon you? You don’t have to hide it for him.
Where are you now? Grandpa will pick you up immediately!”

“Grandpa, we’re really going to eat.”

“If he has the will to take you to dinner, I’ll eat shit!”

Fu Sinian snatched the phone.
“I’ll get Shi Qian to take a photo for you during dinner later.
As for you… do whatever you want.”

The old master was speechless!

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian in shock.

Really! It was not a loss for Fu Sinian to be beaten!

“Also, Shi Qian and I aren’t coming back tonight,” Fu Sinian added.

“It’s just a meal.
Why are you staying outside?” The old master finally found his voice.

“It’s further away.
It’s not convenient to go back and forth.”

“Okay, okay, go eat.” The old master hung up and panted heavily.

Jin An desperately suppressed a smile.

“This kid must have done it on purpose!” The old master clenched his walking stick tightly.
He really wanted to slap Fu Sinian!

He had to remember this beating for Fu Sinian!

“Old Master, you really can’t blame Young Master Fu this time.”

“You!” The old master’s face turned red.

“Old Master, think about it.
Young Master Fu brought Young Madam out for a meal.
Did their relationship improve?”

The old master felt better when he thought about it.

“But what should I do after preparing so much food?” He suddenly felt like an old master with an empty nest.

The old master sighed.

He was feeling extremely conflicted now!

He wanted Sinian to be alone with Qian Qian and quickly develop feelings for her.
He also wanted Qian Qian to accompany him.

“Old Master, Young Master Fu and Young Madam’s relationship has already developed to the point of eating together.
Isn’t this a date? You’re not far from having a great-grandson!”

The old master immediately beamed.

… .

Shi Qian put away the phone and looked at Fu Sinian.
She opened her mouth but held back.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Sinian asked when he saw her hesitate.

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