206 Her Heart Was Moved

“Young Master Fu, did you do it on purpose just now?” Shi Qian couldn’t help but ask.

“Didn’t the old master say so himself?” Fu Sinian asked.

“It’s not a loss for you to be beaten,” Shi Qian retorted softly.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

Shi Qian stopped talking and looked out the window.

Jiang Feng kept driving steadily in the middle lane.
He even deliberately slowed down.

The car behind them drew closer.

“Shit! Where the hell are they going?” the driver cursed.

“I don’t know!”

“It’s not easy to attack!”

“Keep a distance and see if there’s a chance to attack.”

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Ahead was a fork in the road.
Jiang Feng suddenly accelerated.

“Quick, speed up! Catch up!” The car behind them began to speed up.

Jiang Feng judged the distance from the rearview mirror.

The car was on his right.

“Young Master Fu and Young Madam, sit tight!”

Shi Qian immediately felt her center of gravity unstable.
She could not help but move towards Fu Sinian!

Fu Sinian held the armrest with one hand and circled her shoulders with the other, holding her steadily in his arms.

The car quickly changed into the far right lane and turned off the main road.

The gray car didn’t have time to switch lanes.
It moved straight ahead!

The three of them looked at the car that had turned away from the main road with furious expressions!

“Have we been discovered?”

“Let’s see if we can turn around ahead!”

The car turned off the main road and took another detour.
Shi Qian remained in Fu Sinian’s arms.

From him came the sweet scent of ebony.
It was also the same feeling he gave her.

Steady and regal.

Smelling this unique scent that belonged to him, Shi Qian felt calm and a sense of security that made her greedy.

The car drove steadily forward.

The sun had set behind the mountains.
There were wisps of sunset in the western sky.
Darkness was about to descend.

Fu Sinian had let go of the armrest.

Her hands, which were wrapped around Shi Qian, did not move.

Feeling her tense, he even stroked her back gently.

A scorching heat came from his palm.
Shi Qian immediately felt all the hair on her body stand up, and her breathing involuntarily quickened.

“We’ve already lost that car.
We’ll deal with it when Jiang Feng drops us off.” Fu Sinian’s voice sounded above her head.

Shi Qian looked up slowly.

She bumped into Fu Sinian’s chin.

They were so close that her body was almost stuck to his!

She covered her head and backed away.

“I’m sorry.
Did I hurt you?” She apologized awkwardly.

Fu Sinian looked at Shi Qian.
That gaze was penetrating even in the darkness.
“The hairpin in your head scratched me.”

Shi Qian immediately touched his head.

The hair clip on her head was in the shape of a kitten’s ear.
In class, the hair at the front always blocked her view, so she clipped it and kept forgetting to take it off.

This cat ear was sharp and pointy! She immediately took off the hairpin and put it in her pocket.

She looked at Fu Sinian with concern.
“I didn’t cut you, did I?”

“It’s not like I can see it myself.”

“Shall I see it?” Shi Qian asked softly.


After receiving Fu Sinian’s response, Shi Qian dared to lean toward him and approach his chin.

However, it was too dark in the car to see clearly.

The moment Shi Qian approached, Fu Sinian’s Adam’s apple slid up and down uncontrollably.
He secretly clenched his hands.

The girl’s breath was so soft and lingered on his neck, tangling with every nerve.

His emotions were starting to get out of control again.

He lowered his eyes slowly.

In the dimness, only her outline was visible.

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