207 Who’s the Best at Acting? It’s Me

Her eyebrows, nose, and lips were all so straight.

In particular, her plump lips were like slightly blooming buds, and two rows of white teeth were faintly discernible.

This small mouth was tempting and intoxicating.

“Do you see it?” he asked.

Shi Qian felt her body go numb and quickly retreated a little.

His voice was low, hoarse, and irresistibly magnetic.

They were so close.
The sound, mixed with a slight electric current, entered her ears and numbed her heart.

Her ears burned.

“It’s too dark for me to see clearly.
Why don’t I use my phone light?”

“We’ll be there soon.” Fu Sinian didn’t want her to get any closer.

They were about ten minutes away.

boxn ovel.

He needed ten minutes to calm down.

Shi Qian sat back in her seat and looked out the window.
She gently pressed the button to lower the window.

A cool breeze blew in, and the heat in her cheeks immediately subsided.

Why did she feel inexplicably frustrated!

Five or six minutes later, Shi Qian realized that there was a brightly lit farm not far away.
The light was like a dragon entrenched in the mountains!

The word “Lan Yuan” was especially abrupt.

This was too different from the farm she had imagined.

It was so big that it could be said to be the size of a tourist attraction.
Was it called a farm?

Rong Qi was wearing a casual sweater and a pair of Martin boots as he stood at the entrance of Lan Yuan.

He tossed his hair back from his face and sniffed.

In order to hurry up, he had ridden a motorcycle all the way here!

Besides, he wasn’t wearing a windbreaker.
He had run over in a sweater.

Good God!

The wind was like a knife, and the cold was bone-chilling.

Now his head stung!

“Third Young Master, you’re freezing, right? Hold this warm water bag first to warm your hands.” Manager Wang quickly handed him a warm water bag.

Rong Qi took it and held it in his arms.

“If Fu Sinian dares to stand me up today, I’ll get all the media to publicize our relationship tomorrow!”

Manager Wang looked surprised.
“Third Young Master, what relationship do you want to publicize with Young Master Fu?”

“Make it public that he’s having an affair!”

“Third Young Master, the consequences are not worth it! Third Young Master, you have to calm down.
Don’t take things too hard at such a young age.”

Suddenly, he saw a car heading in this direction.

“Third Young Master, look, a car is coming.
It must be Young Master Fu.”

“Are you blind? What kind of car is that! Do you think Young Master Fu drove the Fu family’s old residence’s grocery car here?”

Manager Wang did not dare to make a sound.

The car stopped.
Jiang Feng got out first.

Rong Qi was dumbfounded!

It was really this car!

Then the two people Fu Sinian was talking about were Jiang Feng and Fu Sinian himself?

No! He would not accept it!

Jiang Feng could not be counted!

“Manager Wang, prepare to close the door,” he instructed Manager Wang.

Manager Wang had a bitter expression.

Their Third Young Master was the most pretentious!

Jiang Feng opened the trunk and carried the wheelchair down.

“Third Young Master!” he greeted.

Rong Qi looked unhappy and raised his chin proudly.
He did not even respond.

Shi Qian also pushed open the door and got out of the car, preparing to help Fu Sinian with his wheelchair.

When Rong Qi saw a little fairy get out of the car, his eyes widened!

Shi Qian!

He recognized her immediately!

The person Fu Sinian had brought was actually Shi Qian!

“Manager Wang, quickly take out all the good stuff in our villa and bring them all out today!”

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