208 Protected by His Wife

Manager Wang was already used to his boss’s face-changing personality, but he still couldn’t keep up today.

He glanced in Shi Qian’s direction, knowing that this girl’s identity was not simple.

“Alright, Third Young Master.
I’ll arrange it now.” Manager Wang quickly left.

Shi Qian walked to Fu Sinian’s car door.
She originally wanted to hold the wheelchair, but Fu Sinian reached out to her.

She had to take his arm.

Fu Sinian got out of the car and sat in the wheelchair.

Rong Qi also walked over.
Seeing Fu Sinian like this, he felt terrible.

He thought that since he had woken up, he had naturally recovered and was back to normal.

Fu Sinian had just woken up and hadn’t adapted to the wheelchair that day he returned to the capital.

In private, various circles in the capital were spreading that Fu Sinian’s legs were crippled.

“You’re not well yet?” He kicked Fu Sinian’s foot.

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“Third Young Master, stop joking! Young Master Fu’s leg hasn’t recovered yet.” Jiang Feng immediately stopped him.

“Look at you.
Don’t tell me all three of your legs are crippled?” Rong Qi was simply spouting nonsense.

Jiang Feng had already clenched his fists.

He was only waiting for Young Master Fu to speak before pulling Rong Qi away to spar!

Shi Qian was shocked to hear Rong Qi’s words.

Rong Qi and Fu Sinian must be very good friends for him to dare to say that.

However, the word “crippled” made her feel uncomfortable.

“Young Master Fu’s legs are in a wheelchair because he slept for too long and his muscles are weak.
Besides, he will recover quickly!”

Fu Sinian had wanted Jiang Feng to make a move and give Rong Qi a greeting gift.

At the sound of Shi Qian’s voice, he was suddenly appeased.

Her voice was soft and unhurried.
She meant literally to tell him about his situation.

But it was obvious from his tone that she was refuting Rong Qi’s words.
She was a little protective.

Rong Zi looked up at Shi Qian,

He only felt that Shi Qian’s voice was warm and soft, like a warm wind brushing past his heart.
It was extremely comfortable!

Did she sound so good in person?

“Hello, Shi Qian.
My name is Rong Qi.
Nice to meet you!” Rong Qi immediately stretched out his hand and introduced himself to Shi Qian.

“You know me?” Shi Qian was startled.

“Of course I know you! Young Master Fu…” As soon as Rong Qi opened his mouth, Jiang Feng hugged him from behind and covered his mouth.

“Wu! Wuwuwuwu!”

“Third Young Master, Young Master Fu said that he has a gift for you.
Let’s go to the side.
I’ll give you this gift personally.”

“Wuwuwu!” Rong Qi resisted desperately.

However, his thin body was really vulnerable in Jiang Feng’s hands.
No matter how he struggled, he could only be dragged by Jiang Feng.

“They…” Shi Qian pointed in the direction of Rong Qi and Jiang Feng.

“It’s fine.
Ignore them.
Rong Qi is more or less out of place.
Don’t get too close to him.
He’ll lead you astray.
Let’s go in first.”

Shi Qian pushed the wheelchair and walked into the mountain villa.

The hostess immediately ushered them in.

From the outside, she just thought that the villa was huge and decorated with lights.
Only when she walked in did she realize how luxurious it was.

The hostess welcomed Fu Sinian’s Shi Qian into a separate villa with a courtyard.

Several more serving ladies in Chinese cheongsams opened the door to the hall.

The first thing she saw was a round table.
In the middle of the table was a rockery.

“Young Master Fu, please wait a moment.
The dishes are ready.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.
“You guys can leave first.”

“Yes.” All the ushers left.

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