209 Greedy Like A Cat

Shi Qian looked around, feeling that her eyes were not enough.

The decorations here were all made of wood.
They were dignified, gorgeous, and grand! They all smelled of money.

Fu Sinian came to the leisure area and Shi Qian followed.

There were some cut fruit plates on the table.

On another plate were various candied fruits.

Hawthorn, grapes, small tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.
There were fruits in all colors, wrapped in a sparkling, translucent icing that made one’s mouth water.

“If you’re hungry, eat some fruit first,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

“I’m a little hungry.” Shi Qian didn’t stand on ceremony.
She picked up a strawberry candied hawthorn and sat on the sofa to eat it.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten candied hawthorn.

She thought that the candied hawthorns in the capital had all kinds of shapes.

To her surprise, she found a roll here.

boxn ovel.

The sugar wrap was neither thick nor thin.
The sweetness was just right.
This was definitely the best candied hawthorn she had ever eaten.

She couldn’t bear to bite the candy like a child who couldn’t bear to finish a lollipop for a long time!

Fu Sinian only glanced sideways in her direction before immediately looking away.

For no reason, he felt his heart burning and his thirst unbearable.

Shi Qian finished the icing outside and bit the strawberry inside.

Bright red juice spilled from the corner of her mouth.
Her small mouth was also fully filled.

Fu Sinian glanced at her again, involuntarily.

He raised his hand to pull at his tie.
The slightly loosened collar still didn’t make him feel relaxed.

After Shi Qian finished this one, she picked up a candied fruit made of green grapes and placed it in her mouth.

Tonight, just this plate of candied fruits was enough!

Seeing that she was about to take another fruit, Fu Sinian immediately stopped her.
“Stop eating!”

Shi Qian froze.
She put down the small tomato she had just picked up.
There was some sugar stuck to her lips.
She pursed her lips.

She was like a greedy cat!

This action made Fu Sinian’s eyes darken a little.

“There’s a main meal later,” Fu Sinian added.

“Oh.” Shi Qian nodded.

Although she was still thinking about the candied hawthorn, she dared not eat it again.

She was also afraid that she would embarrass Fu Sinian.

Suddenly, there were footsteps outside.
Rong Qi walked in with messy hair like a chicken nest.
He looked like he had been ruthlessly ravaged.

He walked directly in front of Shi Qian, his face filled with smiles.

“Sister Qian Qian, are you cold? Is the air conditioner in this room not on? Why is it like an icehouse! Where are the waiters? Where did they go? Why aren’t they waiting here?”

“No, it’s okay.
I don’t feel cold.” Shi Qian waved her hand quickly.

“Here, I have a warm water bag.
Take it.” Rong Qi stuffed the warm water bag into Shi Qian’s arms.

There was no room for Shi Qian to refuse.

“I haven’t finished introducing myself to you just now.
My name is Rong Qi.
I’m the third son in the family.
You can just call me Third Brother.”

“Th-Third Brother,” Shi Qian called out awkwardly.

“It’s late and you haven’t eaten.
You must be hungry.
I’ll get them to serve you immediately!” Rong Qi took Shi Qian’s hand and led her from the sofa to the dining table.

“Make yourself at home at Third Brother’s place.
Make yourself at home!”

“Okay, okay.” Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian pleadingly.

She could not resist Rong Qi’s enthusiasm!

Fu Sinian felt that the current Rong Qi was too enthusiastic when he saw Shi Qian.

Especially that dog paw that was still holding Shi Qian’s hand!


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