210 His Heart Was Moved Without Knowing It

“Shi Qian, push me to the bathroom,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Shi Qian immediately pulled her hand out of Rong Qi’s claws and came behind Fu Sinian, pushing him in the direction of the bathroom.

Rong Qi was speechless.

Wasn’t the wheelchair automatic? Did he need someone to push it?

Didn’t Jiang Feng say that Fu Sinian could stand up and even take two steps?!

Showing off! Definitely showing off!

He never expected to be able to eat Fu Sinian’s dog food one day, and it was made on the spot!

Jiang Feng even said that Fu Sinian wanted a divorce?

With Fu Sinian’s current reaction, he refused to believe that he could get a divorce!

A few minutes later.

Shi Qian and Fu Sinian walked out of the bathroom.

boxn ovel.

Manager Wang happened to walk in with a food cart.

The main dish was a roasted whole goat.
The remaining dishes were very exquisite.
They were all ingredients that Shi Qian had never seen before.

Moreover, there was a small hotpot for each of them.
The ingredients for the hotpot were specially placed on a huge white plate.

Shi Qian recognized a few hotpot ingredients.

There were prawns thicker than her arm, black abalones bigger than her face, and some strange-looking fungi.

There were more than ten materials on this plate alone.
Shi Qian could only recognize three to five of them.

Manager Wang served the dishes and skillfully opened two bottles of wine.

The lake-colored liquid poured into the swirling crystal wine glass was a visual treat.
The color made her mouth water.

“You said you wanted to buy me a drink, so I picked the most expensive one,” Rong Qi said smugly.

“I can afford two bottles of wine,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“Yo, yo, yo.
Young Master Fu is too humble.
I didn’t just take two bottles.
I carried that box here.”

“Why are you talking so much nonsense for a meal?” Fu Sinian scolded unhappily.

“Eat, eat.” Rong Qi quickly greeted the waiter.

A waiter walked to Shi Qian’s side and helped her cook the food in the hotpot.

After cooking, he chose various dipping sauces and placed them on a small saucer in front of Shi Qian.

Fu, please enjoy.”

“I… um… no…” Shi Qian began to explain.

The waiter looked at her with a smile and asked gently, “May I know what you need, Mrs.

Shi Qian’s words were held back.
She glanced at Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian had already started eating.
It was as if he was born for this kind of occasion.
His every move was noble.

Moreover, he had no reaction to her being addressed as Mrs.

She wondered how people here knew her identity.

Why didn’t he clarify things?

Fu Sinian did not say anything.
If she had to explain herself, she would ruin the atmosphere.
She simply did not say anything.

“Thank you.” She thanked the waiter.

“You’re welcome.

Rong Qi had been studying Fu Sinian.

This form of address was his way of testing her.

If Fu Sinian really had no feelings for Shi Qian, would he indulge Shi Qian’s status as Mrs.

Fu Sinian was tempted and didn’t know it, right?

Shi Qian lowered her head and ate.
She felt extremely restrained during the meal.

The expensive delicacies in front of her were not as comforting as the bowls of self-heating hotpots she had made in the dormitory.

“Young Master Fu, let me toast you to your early recovery.” Rong Qi picked up his cup and toasted Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian put down his chopsticks and picked up his glass.

“Sister Qian Qian, do you drink?” Rong Qi suddenly asked Shi Qian.

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