211 Isn’t Big Boss Fu the Most Dangerous?

“I don’t.” Shi Qian immediately shook her head.

“No?” That was perfect!

Rong Qi immediately stood up and poured a glass for Shi Qian.

Shi Qian turned to Fu Sinian for help.

“It’s fine.
With Young Master Fu around, what’s there to be afraid of even if you’re drunk?” Rong Qi handed the wine glass to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian reluctantly picked it up.

“Cheers!” Rong Qi happily clinked Shi Qian’s glass.

Shi Qian was too embarrassed to stop drinking.

She took a small sip.
It was strong, but not unpleasant.
She tilted her head back and drank the entire amount.

“Sister Qian Qian, you can do it! Drink some wine to relax occasionally,” Rong Qi said as he poured wine for Shi Qian.

This time, he poured half a glass.

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Fu Sinian suddenly reached out and took Shi Qian’s cup aside.

Rong Qi froze.

He still wanted to reach out and snatch it away, but Fu Sinian shot him a warning look.
He immediately became obedient.

“Manager Wang, pour some wine for your Third Young Master,” Fu Sinian instructed.

“Yes, Young Master Fu.” Manager Wang hurriedly went forward to pour the wine.

“Drink!” Fu Sinian smiled and raised his hand.

Rong Qi was speechless.

“I’ll eat something first!” He quickly lowered his head and ate obediently.

Shi Qian finished the small hotpot in front of her and ate some mutton.
She really couldn’t eat anymore.

Fu Sinian and Rong Qi drank almost half the bottle.

They had no intention of stopping yet.

“Drinking is bad for your health.
You haven’t recovered yet.
Don’t drink too much,” Shi Qian whispered to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian’s glass had just been emptied when Manager Wang stepped forward to pour more wine.
He suddenly handed the glass over.

“That’s it for today.”

Manager Wang was speechless.
Big Boss Fu was really obedient to his wife.

“No, no! How much have you drunk! I haven’t quenched my thirst!” Rong Qi protested.

“Sister Qian Qian, if you don’t want Young Master Fu to drink with me, then accompany me.”

“Me?” Shi Qian quickly leaned over to Fu Sinian and said in a low voice, “Young Master Fu, my alcohol tolerance is really bad.”

“Someone has to drink with me.
It’s either Young Master Fu or Sister Qian Qian.” Rong Qi was relentless.

“It’s Young Master Fu who owes me a drink.
Sister Qian Qian, you can’t make me unhappy just because you feel sorry for Young Master Fu!”

Shi Qian didn’t know how to explain it.
She didn’t feel sorry for Fu Sinian.

It was really not appropriate for someone who had just recovered from a serious illness to drink!

“Hurry up and decide.
Is Young Master Fu drinking or you!”

“Young Master Fu can’t drink too much.
I’ll drink it.” Shi Qian took the glass she had just taken.

Fu Sinian’s lips curled up slightly.
He leaned closer to Shi Qian and asked softly, “Isn’t your alcohol tolerance bad?”

“Even if I get drunk, you’re here.
There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Shi Qian felt that even if she drank too much, she could sleep and everything would be fine.

Fu Sinian suddenly leaned back in his chair.

His eyes were dark and unreadable.

“Sister Qian Qian, cheers!” Rong Qi raised his glass and clinked it against Shi Qian’s.

“Cheers!” Shi Qian raised her glass and downed it.

After two glasses of wine, Shi Qian was already feeling a little light-headed.

Rong Qi poured her another glass.
This one was about to overflow.

Fu Sinian glared coldly at Rong Qi.

“Young Master Fu, even if Sister Qian Qian is drunk, you’re still here!” Rong Qi teased.

Fu Sinian had brought his wife here and actually told him to prepare two rooms!

Why was the Siberian big-tailed wolf pretending to be an innocent little sheep!

If the Fu family’s great-grandson was not created by him tonight, he, Rong Qi, would be single for the rest of his life!

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