212 Young Master Fu, You Have to Stay Innocent

“I… I’ll drink it! Fruit juice is very good!” Shi Qian picked up the glass and brought it to her mouth.

Fruit juice!

Did she always think she was drinking fruit juice!

Fu Sinian took her wrist and pulled the glass out of her hand.

“What are you doing!” Shi Qian tilted her head and looked at Fu Sinian.
Her eyes were glazed and her cheeks were slightly flushed.

She held out her hand and asked for a glass.
“Give me mine!”

“You’re drunk.
You can’t drink anymore!” Fu Sinian regretted not stopping her sooner.

“I’m not drunk!” Shi Qian reached out to snatch it.

As soon as she got up, she lost her balance and fell into Fu Sinian’s arms.

His chest was filled with warmth!

Fu Sinian’s nerves instantly tensed.

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Shi Qian still wanted to struggle.
Fu Sinian reached out and stroked her back, secretly using some strength to stop her from getting up.

Shi Qian couldn’t get up.
In a daze, she didn’t know that she was in Fu Sinian’s arms.
She only felt uncomfortable in this position.

She lifted her legs and straddled him.

Then she leaned weakly against his shoulder.

Fu Sinian looked down at her.

She had closed her eyes and was unconscious.

Rong Qi’s eyes widened and his lips tensed as he watched this scene in shock!

Did he see such a scene after so little wine?

It was too exciting!

Fu Sinian looked at Rong Qi with a gaze as cold as a knife.

Rong Qi’s smile froze, and a chill ran down his spine.

“Jiang Feng didn’t tell you clearly?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“He said that Shi Qian is your legal wife.
You’ve registered your marriage!” Rong Qi replied evasively.

“It seems that you didn’t understand.
I’ll get Jiang Feng to come back and explain my relationship with Shi Qian.”

“No! I understand! I really understand!” Rong Qi quickly waved his hand.
“Young Master Fu, I just can’t understand.
Are you really not moved by such a beautiful woman?”

“You should know that my old master was saved by someone who risked his life back then.
Shi Qian is that person’s granddaughter.”

“Then why are you being so pretentious! You’re repaying your grandfather’s kindness using your body!”

Fu Sinian shot another knife-eye.

Rong Qi pursed his lips.
“Why didn’t such a good thing fall on me?”

“I can take care of her for the rest of her life.
As long as I, Fu Sinian, am around, she can live very well.” After Fu Sinian finished speaking, he glanced at the little woman in his arms.

“I think it’s better to become husband and wife and take care of each other for the rest of your life.”

“You can get lost!” Fu Sinian chased him away.

“Manager Wang! Get someone to clean up this place!” Rong Qi shouted outside.

Manager Wang immediately walked in with his men.

After the hall was cleaned up, Rong Qi looked at Fu Sinian, who was holding Shi Qian, and smiled evilly.

“The two of you can send Mrs.
Fu back to her room.” Rong Qi casually pointed at two waiters.

Fu Sinian’s brows tightened slightly.

Rong Qi walked toward Fu Sinian and pried Shi Qian’s hand off Fu Sinian’s neck before handing it to the two waiters.

“Hold it steady,” Rong Qi instructed worriedly.

“Yes.” Two waiters helped Shi Qian toward the room.

Rong Qi admired Fu Sinian’s gloomy expression with a satisfied expression.

“Young Master Fu, since you don’t have any feelings for her and have decided to get a divorce, it’s better to keep a distance! It’s especially easy for things to go wrong between men and women!”

With that, Rong Qi patted Fu Sinian’s shoulder.
“I’m also thinking about your innocence.”

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