216 Do You Want Me to Help You Remember?

Shi Qian’s embarrassed toes scratched the ground.

“I… I might have been drunk and entered the wrong room.
I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Fu Sinian slowly sat up.

Shi Qian quickly carried the blanket and covered him.

Oh my! If she hadn’t acted quickly enough, he would have been exposed!

“Young Master Fu, your blanket.
I… um, I’ll go back to my room first.”

Fu Sinian suddenly grabbed her wrist and exerted a little force.
Shi Qian was thrown onto the bed!

Shi Qian was about to get up.

His body pressed against hers with intense pressure.

“You don’t remember what happened last night? Huh?”

Shi Qian was in a daze.
Her nervous eyelashes fluttered.
“I… I really can’t remember.”

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“Do you want me to help you remember?” Fu Sinian asked again.

No! Shi Qian’s heart refused.

However, Fu Sinian had no intention of letting her off.

Fu Sinian released her wrist and pinched her chin so that she met his gaze squarely.

Shi Qian’s heartbeat lost its rhythm for a moment.

Fu Sinian’s gaze was deep and charming, like the sea of stars with a fatal attraction.

Just by looking at his face, Shi Qian felt that she would die in less than a second.

“Shi Qian, you kissed me,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

Shi Qian’s breathing stopped for a moment.
She stammered, “I… I… I was drunk.
I really didn’t mean to.
Young Master Fu, don’t worry.
I definitely don’t have any ill intentions towards you!”

She quickly assured him.


Fu Sinian looked disappointed.

He released his light chin and got out of bed.

Shi Qian was free and immediately got out of bed.

Fu Sinian’s back was to her.
She couldn’t see his expression.
Even Shi Qian felt that he was angry.

She bowed deeply at Fu Sinian’s back.
“Young Master Fu, I’m sorry! Please forgive me for being ridiculous after drinking!”

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands.

He suddenly felt that he should have let yesterday’s matter develop into something more ridiculous!

“I’m sorry!” Shi Qian apologized sincerely.

Fu Sinian turned and saw Shi Qian bowing to him.
His brows furrowed!

He raised his hand and pointed at Shi Qian, shaking his head in anger.

He was really speechless!

Bowing to apologize?

Shi Qian, you’re good!

Shi Qian put on her most sincere attitude.
Before she looked up, there was the sound of a door closing.
She looked up slowly.

Fu Sinian was gone.
The bathroom door was closed tight.

She took two deep breaths to calm herself down and immediately fled.

When she reached the next room, she couldn’t help but push open the door and take a look.
The room was neat and tidy.
There was no sign that anyone had entered.

She knocked her head hard.
There was still no memory in her mind.

Did she really kiss Fu Sinian?

“Shi Qian! How dare you have designs on Fu Sinian! Have you eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gall?!”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Shi Qian went to open the door and suddenly realized that it was locked from the inside.
Moreover, the curtains in the room were tightly drawn.

The door opened and Rong Zi pushed it open.

He immediately glanced around the room before looking at Shi Qian.

Facing Rong Qi’s scrutiny, Shi Qian’s face immediately turned red.

Rong Qi smiled and asked gently, “Qian Qian, where’s Young Master Fu?”

“He’s in his room.”

Rong Zi immediately headed for the room.

He passed by the next room and pushed the door open.
There was no sign that anyone had stayed in this room!

Young Master Fu was a wolf.
The door was locked and the curtains were drawn.
How could there be no situation!

His actions made Shi Qian’s cheeks heat up.


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