He did the usual routine check on Fu Sinian.

“Still not awake? Combined with the data from last night and this morning, there should be a reaction, right?”

He lost a lot of sleep last night.

He was still fantasizing that Young Master Fu would wake up when he came for the ward round this morning.

What uplifting news that would be.

Bai continued to focus on the examination.
When he finished recording all the data, he slowly turned his head.

Suddenly, he bounced backward!

“Holy shit!” He blurted out.

A pair of dark and cold eyes stared at him.

“Young Master Fu?” He called out tentatively.

“Are you awake?”

“Could I be a zombie?” Fu Sinian’s voice was a little hoarse.
This was his usual tone.


“You’re finally awake! That’s great! A miracle happened! I knew it! There are miracles in this world!” Dr.
Bai almost jumped up in excitement!

Fu Sinian looked at Bai Jianshen as if he were an idiot.

He didn’t know how long he’d been unconscious, or anything that had happened after he’d passed out.

He had no idea how dangerous his situation was.

He had brushed past death several times and laid in this bed for three years.
Moreover, he might never wake up!

His head throbbed.
He wanted to reach up and rub his temples.

However, even with all his strength, he only raised his arm slightly.

How did this happen?

“Young Master Fu, don’t be anxious.
You just woke up and your bodily functions haven’t caught up yet,” Bai Jianshen hurriedly explained.

Fu Sinian gave up struggling.

That sense of helplessness, no matter how much he struggled, was futile.

In a short time, not only did his head hurt, but every part of his body began to hurt.

The heaviness was more like carrying a 100-kilogram rock to the bottom of the sea!

In his mind, he pictured himself falling into the cold water!

Suddenly, he heard a piercing sound!

He immediately retched!

“Young Master Fu! How are you?”

“My ears are ringing! I have a headache!” Fu Sinian replied, suppressing his discomfort.

Seeing this, Bai Jianshen immediately went to get a pill and pushed it into Fu Sinian’s mouth.

“This medicine has a calming effect and can temporarily relieve pain.
Young Master Fu, how do you feel? Is it effective?”

The discomfort was slowly subsiding.

“It works,” he replied weakly.

Fu Sinian was drenched in sweat.

His face was even paler now.

Bai Jian heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that although Young Master Fu had woken up, it was not easy for him.

After all, with such serious injuries, there would definitely be repercussions.

“I’ll do some more tests for you.” Bai Jianshen bent down and knocked Fu Sinian on the knee.

He realized that Young Master Fu’s legs did not react at all!

Instantly, he felt as if someone had poured cold water on him.

Logically speaking, since Young Master Fu had woken up, it was normal for his body to react.
If there was no reaction, it was very likely that his lower body would be paralyzed!

Fu Sinian’s breathing was no longer labored.
The drug had taken full effect.

The roaring in his ears and the stinging in his head faded.

He kept adjusting his breathing to accommodate the discomfort in his body.

His powerful physical and mental strength allowed him to quickly adapt to his current state.

A few times, he felt that his consciousness was about to dissipate again, but he pulled through.

Gradually, the heaviness in his body lessened.

Only his legs still felt nothing.

“How’s my legs?” he asked bluntly.

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