220 Very Good! He Was Deprived of the Right to Drive Her Around

Shi Qian nodded vigorously.

“Young Master Fu, please believe me.
I can definitely do it! I’m really sorry about what happened at Lan Yuan.
I hope you can forgive me on account of this matter.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

Shi Qian secretly sized up Fu Sinian and realized that his expression was still as cold as ever.
She wondered if this matter was over.

Fu Sinian felt conflicted.

He didn’t have to drive her.
He should have felt relaxed and saved himself a lot of trouble.

But he didn’t feel that way.

Fu Sinian remained silent.
Shi Qian really couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

If he still wasn’t appeased, there was nothing else she could do.

“Young Master Fu, why are you looking for me?” Shi Qian asked softly.

“Qin Hao was sent in,” Fu Sinian said.

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“You sent him in?”

Fu Sinian had already turned to leave.

Shi Qian froze in place.

Sent in? Where? Was he sent to jail?

She immediately opened her phone and searched for Qin Hao’s name.

The first piece of news was an official announcement.
It roughly stated that the entertainment venues under Qin Hao’s name were suspected of breaking the law.
Qin Hao himself was also taken away in a fight.

However, the Internet did not spread the news.
It seemed that the Qin family had suppressed public opinion and did not let the media report about it.

In this matter, begging Fu Sinian was the best choice.

She didn’t believe that Qin Hao would be let off without her agreement.
From his actions at the school gate that day, she could tell that he wouldn’t let it go.

She didn’t have to worry about this anymore.

She put down the phone, turned on the recording device, and continued her recording.

After going to the recording studio, she definitely didn’t have that much time.
She had to earn as much money as possible to feel at ease.

… .

As night fell, a car stopped in front of the Qin family’s villa.

Su Ruoqing got out of the car.

The Qin family’s nanny opened the door and welcomed Su Ruoqing in.
“President Su, please come in.”

Su Ruoqing walked into the living room.
Madam Qin was crying on the sofa.
When she saw Su Ruoqing, she forced herself to get up.

“President Su, you’re here.

“I heard that Qin Hao was arrested and specially came to find out what happened,” Su Ruoqing said as she sat down.

“Last night, he was arrested at the clubhouse.
Old Qin has already made arrangements everywhere, but there’s still no way.
President Su, do you have a way to smooth things over?” Madam Qin looked at Su Ruoqing, her heart filled with hope.

Qin, the Qin family is considered famous in the capital.
If this matter can be resolved, Qin Hao should be in the hospital now.”

When Madam Qin heard this, her tears fell even more fiercely.

“I only have one son, Qin Hao! I heard that his legs were broken when he was taken away! I wonder if a doctor treated him well! I don’t know how he is now.
I can’t even see him.”

“Madam Qin, don’t be too worried.” Su Ruoqing held Madam Qin’s hand.
“I just think that this matter is a little strange.”

“What’s wrong? President Su, Qin Hao has been especially close to you recently.
Do you know something?”

“Did you know that Qin Hao was beaten up a while ago?”

“What? He was beaten a while back? Why didn’t he tell us? Who hit him? Why didn’t he call the police!”

Qin, don’t be so agitated.
Qin Hao isn’t willing to call the police because he doesn’t want to lose face.
Moreover, the person who hit Qin Hao has some background.”

“President Su, tell me what’s going on!” Madam Qin looked anxious.

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