224 This Is Strength!

There was a smile in this voice.
It sounded gentle, but every word was hidden with an undeniable sharpness and dignity.

“I’ve never met you before.
Do you have any misunderstandings about me?”

“My eyes are not dyed vats.
They can’t hold all your expressions!” Her tone suddenly became sharp.
Then, as if nothing had happened, her voice softened again.
“There are thousands of colors in the world, but I only like red.
Take them all down and whip them fifty times first.”

The tone at the end was as casual as it could be, but it vividly displayed the female lead’s strategic bearing.

Shi Qian finished her lines and looked up at the people in front of her.

Only then did the people react.

Director Zheng waved at Shi Qian to come out first.

In post-production, Director Zheng was more concerned about dubbing.
This concerned whether the quality of the entire drama could match the effect he wanted.

Shi Qian’s performance satisfied him greatly.

In fact, it was beyond his expectations.

The people who had been listening to Shi Qian’s audition together were also strongly immersed.

boxn ovel.

They were in this industry and could understand the importance of dubbing.

Sometimes, the emotions in a voice were stronger than the expressions on an actor’s face.

They had to admire Director Zheng’s judgment in casting her.

Not only the actors, but also the dubbing staff were all decided by Director Zheng.
This was really the wisest choice.

Shi Qian walked out and stood in front of Director Zheng, waiting for his opinion.

“Not bad, very good.” Director Zheng was very sure of Shi Qian’s strength.

Everyone was stunned.
It was rare for someone as harsh as Director Zheng to praise someone like this.
Shi Qian was definitely one of the few people who had been praised by Director Zheng.

“Thank you, Director Zheng.” Shi Qian quickly thanked him.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.
A few people escorted a man in casual clothes and a cap in.

“Jiang Yuan is here!”

Shi Qian looked at the person in the cap.
This should be Jiang Yuan.
As expected of the male god pursued by thousands of girls.

Even if his face could not be seen, his unique temperament alone made him stand out in the crowd.

Jiang Yuan was 1.82 meters tall.

He was much thinner than on the screen.

Jiang Yuan took off his cap, combed his hair, and looked at Director Zheng.
“Director Zheng.”

“Go and test the sound first.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yuan turned and walked into the recording studio.

Shi Qian sat on the sofa and waited.
She could see through the glass.

Jiang Yuan was the male lead of this movie.
He was acting as a profligate heir, arrogant and unruly!

Such a persona did not match Jiang Yuan’s image.
However, the person Director Zheng had personally chosen was definitely not wrong.
Moreover, Jiang Yuan was publicly acknowledged to be both good at acting and good-looking.

Jiang Yuan also recorded a segment and walked out.

The reason why Director Zheng came to the recording studio was to meet Jiang Yuan.

Actually, he had chosen a few dubs for the male lead, but they were not very satisfactory.

“Jiang Yuan, of course I want to use your voice.
However, I have to consider if your schedule can accommodate this.” Director Zheng was a little worried.

Celebrities were not like before.

They only had a few dramas, and many advertisements.

“Don’t worry, Director Zheng.
I’ve already arranged it.”

“That’s good.” Director Zheng nodded and looked in Shi Qian’s direction.
“Shi Qian, come here for a moment.”

Shi Qian immediately stood up and walked over.

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