226 Mess With Shi Qian to Death!

Shi Qian arrived at the private room, still replaying the scene she had seen.

Fu Sinian was really gentle to Su Ruoqing.
A person like him could actually personally make rolls for Su Ruoqing!

She really believed that statement.

If a man loved you, you could really feel it in every way.

Fu Sinian and Su Ruoqing were really a match made in heaven.

“Shi Qian, look at the menu.
What do you like to eat?” Director Zheng handed the menu to Shi Qian and interrupted her thoughts.

“No need.
I’ll eat anything.
Director Zheng, you can order some.”

“Then I’ll order a few dishes first.
Jiang Yuan might not arrive for a while.” Director Zheng took the menu and looked at it.
After ordering a few dishes, he handed it to Shi Qian.
“Take a look.
Order whatever you like.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian couldn’t delay it.
She looked at the menu and ordered two dishes.

Just as she finished ordering, Jiang Yuan pushed the door open and walked in.

“Why are you so fast today? There are no reporters?” Director Zheng was surprised.

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“Yes, there are, but not many.
I don’t know how much time I waste just fighting these people every day.”

“If you want to wear a crown, you have to bear its weight.”

Suddenly, the door of the private room was pushed open and a few people rushed in.

“Who is it?!” Jiang Yuan’s manager shouted.

He realized that these people were holding filming equipment.

Were these people so arrogant?

However, these people were not targeting Jiang Yuan, but Shi Qian.

One of the women took a step forward and pulled Shi Qian’s hair!

“Shi Qian, you bitch! You seduced my husband! I caught you today!”

Jiang Yuan was about to get up and stop it when his manager grabbed him and shielded him.

“There’s the media!” the manager whispered, shielding Jiang Yuan from view.

“Stop!” Director Zheng shouted angrily.

Not only did the middle-aged woman not let go, but she also called out to the people who had come with her and stood in front of Director Zheng.

“There are so many men! Shi Qian, you’re quite capable! Why? If one can’t satisfy you, are you going to sleep with all of them?” The woman said obscenities and humiliated Shi Qian.

Shi Qian broke free of the woman’s hand.
“Who are you? Why are you slandering me!”

The woman pulled Shi Qian’s arm valiantly and slapped her!

Shi Qian saw stars from the blow.
Her vision darkened and she almost lost consciousness.

Before she could recover, she was dragged out by the woman.

Shi Qian had no strength to break free and was pulled out by the woman.

It was actually the media outside.

Director Zheng was about to go out when Xiao Hua grabbed him.
“Director Zheng, there’s the media outside.
If they capture you eating with Shi Qian, they might report it! It will affect your reputation!”

“Reputation? It’s just what people say! You want me to watch a girl being bullied like this?”

“What if Shi Qian really causes trouble?”

“I believe in her!” Director Zheng pushed Xiao Hua away and walked out.

Shi Qian was still under the control of the valiant woman.
She had no way of fighting back or breaking free.

Her face burned and there was a salty taste in her mouth.

She felt that this woman must have practiced often.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so strong.

“Shi Qian, a big Internet celebrity! Shameless, seducing men everywhere! When I caught her in the private room just now, there was a group of men in the private room!” The woman continued to humiliate her.

Suddenly, a figure walked out of the private room.


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