228 Don’t Even Think About Running Away

Fu Sinian reached out to support Su Ruoqing.

Su Ruoqing’s reaction was completely unexpected.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine.” Su Ruoqing shook her head, but she held Fu Sinian’s arm tightly.
Her head also leaned against Fu Sinian’s chest, as if she was about to faint.

Shi Qian looked at the two of them in a daze.

She never expected Su Ruoqing to rush forward and take the slap for her!

Fu Sinian didn’t let go of Su Ruoqing’s hand, but he took a small step back.
It seemed that Su Ruoqing was still in his arms, but there was actually a distance between them.

Su Ruoqing knew when to stop and quickly looked up at Shi Qian with concern.

“Shi Qian, are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Shi Qian shook her head and asked Su Ruoqing, “Miss Su, what about you?”

Blood slowly flowed from the corner of Su Ruoqing’s lips.
It didn’t look good.

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“I’m fine.
I was a little dizzy.
I’m better now.”

Fu Sinian let go of Su Ruoqing’s hand and looked at the woman in the lead.

The woman took a step back in fear.

She didn’t know who the man in front of her was, but his aura terrified her.

“Shi Qian, consider yourself lucky.
I’ll let you off today! Don’t let me see you again and I’ll hit you every time I see you!” The woman wanted to leave.

After this commotion, she had achieved her goal.
She had captured the scene just now!

She had just turned to go downstairs when a few tall people blocked her way.

Jiang Feng walked in front and glared at the woman.

The woman was forced back by Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng walked upstairs and when he saw the scene in front of him, there was a trace of suspicion in his eyes!

Why was Young Madam beside him while Dr.
Su was in Young Master Fu’s arms?

“Young Master Fu, the place has been cleared,” Jiang Feng reported to Fu Sinian.

Su Ruoqing held Fu Sinian’s arm and said considerately, “Sinian, go back to the wheelchair and sit first.”

Jiang Feng immediately pushed the wheelchair over.

Fu Sinian was in a wheelchair.

At this moment, the first floor of the restaurant had been cleared.

There were some guests in the private room on the second floor.
They were also guided by the staff and left downstairs on the other side.

Shi Qian knew that this was Fu Sinian’s idea.

It seemed that he wanted to close the door to resolve this matter!

She turned around and walked towards Director Zheng.
“Director Zheng, I’m really sorry to have implicated you because of me.” She bowed deeply to Director Zheng.
“This lunch is not happening today.
Why don’t you leave first?”

Director Zheng glanced at Fu Sinian and recognized him.

With Fu Sinian supporting Shi Qian, Shi Qian would definitely not suffer any losses.

Otherwise, he couldn’t leave this little girl alone.

If anything happened to Shi Qian, he would not be able to answer to Ouyang.

“Then we’ll leave first.” Director Zheng still had to consider Jiang Yuan.
It was not convenient for them to stay with so many media outlets.

Director Zheng and the others left the restaurant under the waiter’s guidance.

When the media who had come to jeer saw the situation, they all wanted to slip away.

One of them was closest to the stairs.
He prepared to go downstairs quietly.

Jiang Feng grabbed the back of the person’s collar and pulled hard!

The man fell heavily to the ground and the phone fell from his hand.

Jiang Feng picked up his phone and scanned the person’s face to unlock it.
He opened the photo album and saw several videos.
They were the images from before.

Jiang Feng returned the phone to this person and stepped on his hand!

The phone screen shattered! Who knew if the bones in this person’s palm had shattered!

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