229 The Person Young Master Fu Likes Is Miss Su

The people at the side watched this scene and their hearts tightened.
They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” The man screamed and tried to pull his hand away.

The more he struggled, the harder Jiang Feng stepped on him like a cigarette butt!

The man immediately stopped struggling.

Only then did Jiang Feng let go of him.

The person who had just wanted to leave did not dare to think about it again.

Su Ruoqing suddenly walked towards Shi Qian and took her hand.

“Shi Qian, let’s go back to the private room first.
Sinian can handle this.”

“I want to see who instructed these people!” Shi Qian did not want to leave.

Fu Sinian looked at her and said in a low voice, “Go to the private room and stay there.”

Shi Qian still wanted to retort, but when she saw Fu Sinian’s expression, she could only turn around and leave with Su Ruoqing.

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They went to the private room and Su Ruoqing closed the door tightly.

She could no longer hear anything outside.

Shi Qian realized that Su Ruoqing’s cheek was swollen.
She thanked her softly.
“Miss Su, thank you for just now.”

Su Ruoqing pulled up a chair and sat down.
She said slowly, “You don’t have to thank me.
I’m not doing this for you, but for Sinian.”

Shi Qian was even more puzzled.

“Shi Qian, Sinian told me about the relationship between the Lin family and the Fu family.
Your grandfather is Old Master Fu’s savior.
Back then, the two families had an engagement, but that was Old Master Fu’s idea.
It can’t represent that Sinian agrees to your marriage with him.”

“I also made it clear to Miss Su last time that Young Master Fu and I will definitely get a divorce.
We delayed it for three months because of Old Master,” Shi Qian explained again.

She was afraid that Su Ruoqing would misunderstand.

“Sinian wants to give you some compensation.
I understand.
If he can take care of you a little, your life will be much easier in the future.”

“There’s really no need.
The Fu family has taken enough care of me.
After the divorce, I won’t cling to the Fu family.”

“But you’re Old Master Fu’s favorite person.” Su Ruoqing looked sad.

“Miss Su, the person Young Master Fu likes is you! When I get a divorce from Young Master Fu, Old Master will definitely accept you quickly.
At that time, quickly give birth to a child.
Old Master will be so happy.”

Su Ruoqing carefully studied Shi Qian’s expression and tried to figure out her tone.

From a psychological point of view, Shi Qian was not pretending.

She didn’t believe that Shi Qian really didn’t have any feelings for Fu Sinian.

How was that possible!

Which woman in this world could refuse Fu Sinian!

If it were her, with Shi Qian’s luck, she would never get a divorce if she could register her marriage with Fu Sinian!

After confirming Shi Qian’s attitude, Su Ruoqing did not feel relaxed.

This was because Fu Sinian was already in love with Shi Qian!

“Shi Qian, you don’t know Sinian.
He looks cold and unreasonable.
Actually, he’s a loyal person.
He definitely won’t forget that your grandfather saved Old Master Fu.
Therefore, he won’t sit back and do nothing about you.”

Su Ruoqing’s words carried an undeniable psychological hint.

She wanted Shi Qian to think that everything Fu Sinian did to her was because of the kindness of the previous generation.

“I understand.
It’s all thanks to you two eating here today.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to end it.” Shi Qian was a little glad.

She realized that there was half a bucket of ice on the table to sober up and asked Su Ruoqing, “Miss Su, let me ice you.”

“Thank you.” Su Ruoqing nodded.

Outside, the arrogant woman had gone limp with fear.

In front of her was a floor full of broken phones.

All the camera equipment was scrapped here.

Now, everyone knew Fu Sinian’s identity.


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