Bai Jianshen put down the examination instrument in his hand and slowly said, “At the moment, there’s no reaction to external stimuli.”

“In other words, I’ll be a cripple?”

Bai Jianshen was suffocated by Fu Sinian’s aura.

All his comforting words were held back.

Fu Sinian didn’t need any reassurance.
He just wanted an answer.

“Fifty percent chance.”

Most people could not accept this outcome.

However, Fu Sinian was terrifyingly calm.

Inside the room, there was only the rhythmic sound of the instruments.

After about a minute, Fu Sinian’s expression changed slightly.

Even if he had to face lifelong disability, it only took him a minute to digest this fact.

Most likely, he’d been thinking about something else for the past minute.

For example, the Fu family and the Fu Corporation.

Bai Jianshen felt that Fu Sinian was like a robot.

Fu Sinian’s father had been in a car accident shortly after he was born.
It had even been sensational news at the time.

After Fu Sinian was born, he was well protected by the Fu family.

However, those who were familiar with Fu Sinian knew that Old Master Fu was extremely harsh on him.

Fu Sinian was the only heir of the Fu family.

He was surrounded by groups of money hungry big shots.

If he wasn’t strong enough to retaliate, he might be eaten by those wolves!

Even what had happened three years ago was most likely planned.

However, no evidence had been found yet.

“Young Master Fu, it’s already fortunate that you’re awake now.
Next, I’ll do everything I can to treat your legs.”

Fu Sinian nodded slightly.

“How many days was I unconscious?”

“Young Master Fu, you’ve been unconscious for more than three years!”

Fu Sinian’s pupils constricted, not quite sure of what he was hearing.

Bai Jianshen took out his phone and showed Fu Sinian the calendar.

Fu Sinian remembered the date clearly.
The day he sailed.

To be precise, he had been unconscious for three years, five months, and twenty-one days.

“You don’t have to worry.
Madam Fu is supporting the Fu Corporation now, and with Old Master Fu around, nothing has happened to the Fu family yet.”

“Not necessarily.” Fu Sinian did not agree with this statement.
On the surface, there seemed to be no problem, but that did not mean that those invisible places were also intact!

In the three years that he had been lying here, the Fu Corporation had probably been riddled with holes!

“Don’t tell anyone I woke up.
Not even my mother and Old Master for now.”

“I understand.” Bai Jianshen nodded.

“Elevate the bed and bring me my computer.”

“Young Master Fu, you just woke up and took medication.
You should rest well.”

“I want to know how the company is doing at the moment.”

Bai Jianshen shook the bed helplessly.

Only then did Fu Sinian get a full view of the room.

He looked around with surprise in his eyes.

This reaction was even greater than when he heard that he might be crippled for life.

The furnishings in the room were all festive red.

Besides, there was a big “Happiness” sticker on the window!

Could it be that in order to wake him up, Bai Jianshen had started to be superstitious?

“With the situation in the room like this, are you prepared to go to hell or ward off evil spirits?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“Young Master Fu, I forgot to congratulate you!”

“Congratulations? For what?”

“It’s good news! Yesterday, you got married.
Today, you woke up.
Isn’t that good news? It’s all thanks to your new wife that you woke up!”

Fu Sinian’s eyebrows tightened inch by inch as he listened to these words!

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