231 She’s Not A Greenhouse Flower

Shi Qian realized that with Su Ruoqing’s comfort, Fu Sinian immediately calmed down.

She was indeed the woman he loved.
Someone who could control his emotions.

“Shi Qian, you’re injured.
Why don’t you take a day off today?” Su Ruoqing advised Shi Qian.

“There’s no need to.
I’m really fine.” Shi Qian shook her head.

She wasn’t that pretentious.

She just wanted to know the outcome of Fu Sinian’s investigation.

Who instructed those people outside to do this? Who thought of such a move to deal with her!

However, from Fu Sinian’s expression, he was clearly unwilling to say more.

It seemed that she would have to ask him when she returned home at night.

“I’m really sorry.
You didn’t eat well because of me,” Shi Qian said to the two of them apologetically.

Fu Sinian glanced at Shi Qian and suddenly started the wheelchair and left the room.

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“Sinian!” Su Ruoqing quickly followed.

As soon as they left, Shi Qian sank weakly into a chair.

It was impossible for anyone to act as if nothing had happened when something like this happened.

She just didn’t want anyone to see her vulnerability.

She moved her jaw.
Her entire left cheek ached.
It hurt deep in her ear.

She picked up the unfinished ice in the ice bucket and covered her face.

Suddenly, the door opened.

Jiang Feng walked in.

Seeing Shi Qian covering her face, she asked worriedly, “Young Madam, how are you?”

Shi Qian threw away the ice and shook the water from her hands.

“I’m fine.
Didn’t you leave with Young Master Fu? Why are you back again?”

“Young Master Fu asked me to send you off.”

“Oh.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Young Madam, why don’t I take you to the hospital?”

“It’s just a slap.
How can I go to the hospital?” Shi Qian teased.

“Do you know what that woman does?”


“She was a professional boxer seven or eight years ago.”

Shi Qian rubbed her chin.
“No wonder she was so heavy-handed! Brother Jiang Feng, who instructed her?”

“Madam Qin, Qin Hao’s mother.”

“So it’s her! Looks like she wants to take revenge on me because of Qin Hao.”

“Young Madam, don’t worry.
Young Master Fu won’t let the Qin family off.”

Shi Qian thought of what Su Ruoqing had said.

Fu Sinian had to take care of her because of the kindness of his elders.

He must not have expected her to have so much trouble.

“Jiang Feng, take me to the recording studio.”

“Young Madam, do you really not want to go to the hospital to take a look?”

“There’s no need for the hospital.
If there’s a pharmacy on the way, we can buy something to reduce the swelling.
It should be fine.”

Seeing that Shi Qian insisted on not going to the hospital, Jiang Feng did not persuade her anymore.

He brought Shi Qian to the medical shop to buy some medicine and sent her to the recording studio.

Shi Qian returned to the recording studio.
Everyone inside looked at her in surprise.

Jiang Yuan was still there, recording.

Seeing Shi Qian, he put down his earpiece and walked out.

“Shi Qian, why are you back?” Xiao Hua asked.

“The matter has been resolved.
I’ll come back and record,” Shi Qianrou replied.

“Why don’t you take a day off? Actually, we recorded the planned workload for the day this morning.”

“I’m fine, so let’s not delay work.
I’m really sorry.
It’s just a meal.
I can’t believe I caused such trouble for everyone.”

“It’s fine.
Everyone came back and ordered takeout again! By the way, Shi Qian, have you eaten? There’s another takeout here.” Xiao Hua pointed to the table.

“I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Then eat first.
You can work after you’re full.”

“Thank you,” Shi Qian said softly.

He opened the lunch box.
There was fragrant rice and a fish-flavored shredded pork.
It was still warm.

As soon as she smelled the food, Shi Qian felt hungry and short of breath.

She took a bite of rice and a bite of food and suddenly choked!

“Ahem!” Shi Qian quickly tilted her face.

A slender hand reached out to her.

In the hand was a bottle of mineral water.

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