235 Miss Su, You Have No Right to Speak!

“Yes, we happened to be eating at the same restaurant,” Fu Sinian replied.

The old master understood the meaning of this sentence.

In other words, Fu Sinian was eating with Su Ruoqing!

“I’ve already investigated the situation and asked Jiang Feng to deal with it.” Fu Sinian’s voice sounded again.

“Can’t you see that Qian Qian was beaten? The injuries on her face are so obvious.
Are you blind? Why did you still let her go to work?” the old master questioned angrily.

He didn’t question Fu Sinian’s ability to handle things.

He was angry at Fu Sinian’s attitude!

“Old Master, Sinian wanted to take Shi Qian to see a doctor, but Shi Qian refused and insisted on working.
Sinian and I persuaded her, but she insisted on going.” Su Ruoqing came forward to explain to Old Master.

The old master looked at Su Ruoqing with a sharp gaze.
“Miss Su, you have no right to speak here!”

Su Ruoqing’s face turned pale as she hid behind Fu Sinian aggrievedly.

“Grandpa, I know your heart aches for Shi Qian.
If you have any anger, vent it on me.
Don’t vent it on innocent people,” Fu Sinian replied coldly.

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Fu Sinian was just stating the facts.

However, at this moment, these words sounded like he was protecting Su Ruoqing to the old master!

“Were you at the hospital when I called you just now?” the old master asked Fu Sinian.

“Yes, Ruoqing was also slapped when she defended Shi Qian.
She felt uncomfortable and came to the hospital to take a look.”

“Qian Qian was also slapped! She said she was fine, so you stopped caring!” the old master questioned again.

“She’s unwilling to go to the hospital and she’s unwilling to rest.
Do you want me to arrest her like a criminal?” Fu Sinian retorted coldly.

“How dare you talk back!” The old master raised his walking stick and slashed it at Fu Sinian.

A figure suddenly rushed over and blocked Fu Sinian.

When the old master saw that it was Shi Qian, it was too late to stop.
The walking stick landed on Shi Qian’s back.

Shi Qian had no strength to begin with.
She was hit again and fell into Fu Sinian’s arms.

Fu Sinian froze and quickly hugged Shi Qian.

The old master threw the walking stick away and his hands trembled with anxiety.
“Qian Qian, why are you suddenly awake? Why are you so stupid as to block this blow for Fu Sinian!”

Shi Qian’s breathing was a little heavy.
She couldn’t get up even if she wanted to.

Seeing this, the old master quickly went to help her.

Shi Qian stood up with difficulty and sat on the sofa with the old master.

The old master stroked the messy hair falling from Shi Qian’s forehead with heartache.
“Silly child, does it hurt?”

“It hurts!” Shi Qian wheedled with a bitter face.
“Grandpa, it hurts so much when you hit people.
Don’t hit people so easily in the future, okay?”

The old master’s heart ached again.
“Grandpa didn’t hit you.
Who cares if it hurts! If it didn’t cause pain, why would I hit him!”

Shi Qian was speechless.

“When I woke up, I heard you reprimanding Young Master Fu.
It’s really not Young Master Fu’s fault that I fainted.
Moreover, if Young Master Fu hadn’t been around today, I would have definitely suffered greatly.
You even reprimanded him and wanted to hit him.
Of course I was anxious.”

The old master was too angry to speak.

What did he want?

It was Fu Sinian who had to be concerned for Qian Qian.
It was the kind of importance he took to heart!

Had Fu Sinian done it?

“Qian Qian, go back to the bed and lie down.”

“Grandpa, you can’t be angry anymore or lose your temper.”

“Okay, no more anger and no more tantrums,” the old master promised.

Jin An helped Shi Qian back to the bed.

The old master looked at Fu Sinian and then at Su Ruoqing.

If Fu Sinian really liked Su Ruoqing and he forced Qian Qian to be with Fu Sinian, it would be too unfair to Qian Qian.

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