237 Grandpa, I Want a Divorce

The old master disagreed.

What did Fu Sinian know about gentleness?

Was this word related to Fu Sinian?

“Grandpa, I also want a life that I can control.
My marriage to Young Master Fu was a wrong start.
Now that Young Master Fu has woken up, isn’t it best to stop this mistake in time?” Shi Qian advised gently.

The old master looked moved.
“Qian Qian, if you divorce Sinian, can you be my granddaughter?”

“Okay!” Shi Qian nodded in agreement.

As long as the old master agreed to let her divorce Fu Sinian, she would agree to anything.

“Can you tell Grandpa what kind of boy you like?” The old master really wanted to know why Fu Sinian had lost!

Shi Qian really could not answer this question for a moment.

Due to her lack of fatherly love in her childhood and her parents’ divorce, she really had no expectations of the opposite sex.

The old master was still waiting expectantly for her answer.

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“The boy I like has to be talented, but he doesn’t have to be too ostentatious.
He has to be sunny and smiley.
He doesn’t have to look outstanding but he has to respect me.
It’s enough that he can be by my side when I need him.”

The old master sighed.

Fu Sinian was completely different from Qian Qian’s type!

Fu Sinian had been in the ward for a while, but he didn’t go in.

Shi Qian’s conversation with the old master reached his ears clearly.

When Qian Qian was describing the type of boy she liked, Fu Sinian’s mind was filled with the image of the boy from the Chinese Drama Academy.

Shi Qian’s description matched the boy’s image perfectly.

What a love story!

Fu Sinian turned and left.

Jiang Feng sat on the chair.
After a while, he saw Young Master Fu coming out of the ward.

“Young Master Fu, why did you come out so quickly?”

“Take me back.”

“Aren’t you here to see Young Madam?”

Fu Sinian didn’t answer.
He headed for the elevator.

Jiang Feng put away his phone and quickly followed.

As soon as the car arrived at the hospital, it blocked the road.

Jiang Feng glanced at Fu Sinian in the rearview mirror.
He had a lot to say.

“Young Master Fu, what’s going on between you and Dr.
Su? How did she become your girlfriend?”

“Can’t she be my girlfriend?” Fu Sinian asked.

“You’re a married man now! If you’re still entangled with Miss Su, you’re cheating!” Jiang Feng said solemnly.

“Am I in a normal marriage relationship with Shi Qian?”

“As long as you want to, why can’t it be considered a normal marriage?” Jiang Feng asked.

“I don’t want to!” Fu Sinian replied coldly.

Jiang Feng closed his mouth and looked at the traffic jam in front of him.

Young Master Fu had studied overseas for three years.
He would go overseas a few times a year.
He had accompanied him a few times and met Su Ruoqing.

He had followed Young Master Fu for so many years and Young Master Fu had never befriended anyone.

His relationship with Su Ruoqing was indeed close.

He thought that it was because of Su Ruoqing’s identity and their work relationship.

“If I hadn’t been injured and unconscious, perhaps I would have tried to date Su Ruoqing,” Fu Sinian said.

He needed a wife.
Su Ruoqing was just right.

He didn’t have time to look for another suitable candidate.

“Young Master Fu, but I think the person you like should be Young Madam! You said it yourself.
You just want to try dating Miss Su.
I feel that when you said this, you didn’t have any feelings at all.”

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