239 Take Some Time Tomorrow to Get a Divorce

“Okay, I’ll get someone to buy a car at the car dealership,” Fu Sinian replied softly.

“No, I was just talking to you.
I’ll buy the car myself.”

“I’ll do it,” Fu Sinian insisted.

“Alright, I’ve seen the style.
After you buy it, just install it according to the top configuration.”

Fu Sinian was speechless.

“How’s the treatment of the person who beat Qian Qian?”

“I’ve dealt with all those who were implicated.
The woman who hit Shi Qian will be sent to participate in the boxing competition next month.
Even if she doesn’t die, she’ll be crippled,” Fu Sinian replied softly.

The old master suddenly focused on Fu Sinian, his eyes burning.

How could he not understand his own grandson?

From Fu Sinian’s reaction, it didn’t seem like he didn’t care about Qian Qian at all!

Fu Sinian met the old master’s gaze and immediately understood what he was thinking.

“Ruoqing was beaten too.”

His casual words shattered the old master’s fantasy.

The old master secretly sulked.

Sure enough, he still couldn’t have any hope for Fu Sinian.

“Was it instigated by the Qin family?”

“The Qin family will go bankrupt within a month.
There will no longer be a place for the Qin family in the capital.”

The old master nodded, satisfied with the outcome.

“There’s something else strange about this,” Fu Sinian said again.

“What’s strange?”

“I checked the surveillance cameras in the restaurant.
Some of those people came after ten.
It’s obvious that they knew in advance that Shi Qian would definitely go to that restaurant to eat.
The person who asked Shi Qian out for a meal today was the actor, Jiang Yuan.”

“You mean the people at the recording studio were involved?”

“No, with Jiang Yuan’s current status in the entertainment industry, the Qin family might not be able to do anything.
However, this matter is not a coincidence.
Someone must be behind it.”

“You didn’t get anything out of the Qin family?”


“All the more reason to keep an eye out.
If we don’t uncover this person, Qian Qian might still be in danger.”

Fu Sinian had the same thought.

“Let Jiang Feng find a few bodyguards to protect him in secret.”

“I’ve already arranged it.”

“However, the most important thing now is Qian Qian’s body.
She has to recuperate well.
I wonder how much this child has suffered in the past!” The old master sighed heavily.

“Then take good care of her,” Fu Sinian replied calmly.

“How?” The old master’s voice sank again.
“You can’t wait to divorce Qian Qian.
If you get a divorce, Qian Qian will definitely be too embarrassed to face you!”

“Can you bear to let her leave the Fu family’s old residence?” Fu Sinian asked.

“Of course I can’t bear to.”

“Let her recuperate first.
Let’s not talk about anything else for the time being.” Fu Sinian made his stance clear.

When the old master heard his words, he would definitely think of a way to protect Shi Qian and his marriage.

He could accept that the marriage was extended.

As for how long it would be extended, it would depend on Shi Qian’s own situation.

“Sinian, I know that everyone has the freedom to choose, especially when it comes to choosing the person they love.
However, I still have something to say.
I hope you can see your heart clearly and not regret it in the future.
Su Ruoqing and Qian Qian are completely different types of girls.
That Su Ruoqing is not a simple character.”

Fu Sinian didn’t continue the topic.
He assured the old master, “Don’t worry.
I won’t mention the divorce until Shi Qian recovers.”

The old master’s face turned cold.
“No, you’ve misunderstood.
I mean, take some time tomorrow to go through the divorce procedures with Qian Qian.”


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